• Welcome to Animal Lifeline UK

    Animal Lifeline UK ("ALUK") is an animal rescue organisation committed to improving the welfare of animals throughout the UK.

    Animal Lifeline UK believes every pet should have the right to:

    • Live in a safe, stimulating and loving environment
    • Access plenty of clean water and a suitable, good quality, diet
    • Veterinary care, both for preventative treatment and to treat disease or injury
    • A warm, comfortable shelter, or otherwise suitable habitat, in which to live
    • Express 'normal' behaviour without the fear of pain or punishment

    Animal Lifeline UK works directly with animal rescues, dog pounds, pet owners, volunteers and other organisations throughout the UK to help save animals and promote responsible pet ownership.

    We achieve this in a number of ways:

    • Providing a framework of support to help rescues, volunteers and pet owners - offering advice and practical assistance where needed.
    • Finding volunteers and connecting them with animal rescues to help with home checking, fostering, transporting animals, e.t.c.
    • Securing suitable rescue placements for pound dogs and co-ordinating efforts to transport them after staying at the pound seven days. Without this many of these dogs would face euthanasia.
    • Visiting and checking rescues to ensure they meet strict criteria to accept relinquished animals via ALUK, including (but not limited to):

      • A non-destruction policy, unless advised by a veterinary surgeon for medical reasons
      • Thorough behavioural assessments, by qualified or otherwise experienced assessor, before rehoming or placing into foster care
      • Provision of suitable accommodation
      • Access to clean water and an appropriate diet
      • Exercise, training and other mental stimulation as befitting the individual animal
      • Health checks by a veterinary surgeon with treatment as necessary for disease or injury, 'preventative' care, including vaccinations, and also neutering where appropriate*
      • Diligent inquiries and inspections in place to vet potential adopters and foster carers, including home and follow-up checks post-adoption

    • Contributing financially towards urgent animal rescue appeals, emergency boarding, transport costs, e.t.c.
    • Promoting animal adoption and matching up potential adopters to animals in need of homes.
    • Encouraging responsible pet ownership.

    ALUK is run solely by volunteers and our services are offered free of charge.

    * Unless advised otherwise by a veterinary surgeon.

  • Donations

    Animal Lifeline UK is a not-for-profit organisation run solely by volunteers.

    Please donate to support our work and help save more animals.

    All donations are gratefully received.

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