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    Taken from Rescue Review: Reviews of Animal Lifeline UK

    "Very helpful and professional"

    "Animal Lifeline UK helped us find a rescue home for our lovely cats. The staff were extremely helpful and understanding. They helped us every step of the way. We can't praise them enough for their help and support. Very helpful and professional. Relinquishment: 2012 NOTE: The comments given relate to a relinquishment and not an adoption. Rescue Review hopes to develop a review questionnaire (or text box only) for relinquishment experiences in the near future".

    "A huge thank you to all involved"

    "I needed help to find a rescue for a nursing cat and her 6 x 10 day old kittens. a neighbour no longer wanted them!! animal lifeline uk helped instantly. they have helped me in the past and i have no reason to doubt them. they provide an excellent service and i cannot believe how fast they managed to sort a rescue place for these poor animals. if ever you are in need of help these are they people to contact. they will do their very best to help in any situation. a huge thank you to all involved in helping".

    "Let me know everything is ok"

    "I found that this group was very helpful In finding my animal a new place to live. It was hard for me to part from him but as soon as he was in his new home they contacted me to let me no everything is ok".

    "All the very best to you guys and a million thanks"

    "We had to rehome our 8 year old Doberman Jimmy, knowing that this was going to be a near impossible task, we never the less did the phoning round. It was all very negative stuff - the 'homes' were full, "no one will take a dog of that age" etc.. At the last minute (not their fault) The team from Animal Lifeline stepped up the bar and were superb, lovely people to deal with, empathy, efficiency and great communication were what we needed and got in heaps. All the very best to you guys and a million thanks".

    "True angels"

    "Animal Lifeline UK really lived up to their name. We had a heavily pregnant young cat that we could not find a rescue home for. They achieved in 3 hours what we had failed to do in as many days and mummy cat went to an excellent rescue home which I could not begin to fault. These people are true angels - my contact was polite eager to help and very kind hearted. As you can hopefully tell I cannot recommend Animal Helpline UK enough and long may they continue their good work".

    "I decided to re-home my dog (Teko)"

    "I had a staffie cross, one year old, extremely bouncy and quite frankly, a risk to my health. Hardly a day went by without him pulling me over, not on purpose, just being over exited (I am sixty-five years old and should have got an older, smaller dog) With great sadness I decided to re-home my dog (Teko) and I contacted various organisations to attempt to do so. I finally came accross Animal Lifeline UK, on Facebook and contacted them, they asked me various questions regarding my pet and within a very short space of time arranged to collect him for re-homing. It was very difficult to let the dog go, but ultimately, it will prove better, both for me and Teko, the staff at Animal Lifeline have said that when I am ready, they will help me to find a dog that suits me better".

    "Thank you"

    "After telephoning many Rescue sites I was waiting for a sympathetic & kind person on the other end of the phone, in order for me to feel confident to proceed with giving the mother cat and 2 very young kittens over to their care. After many phone calls, I was lucky to find Animallifeline who were courteous, prompt to collect, knowledgeable and gentle with the frightened cats. Thank you".

    "They were superb"

    "We were moving overseas and needed to rehome our 17 yr old cat. This proved difficult until we contacted animallifelineuk. They were superb and offered us so much help and did find a home for her. Thank you so so much".

    "These guys helped me"

    "This organisation helped me re-home my two cats that were completely dominating my tiny Cornish Rex. Although they couldn't take them, they had expert knowledge and got me through to a centre that could. This was a really upsetting time for me, and these guys helped me and made things as stress free as possible. Fantastic service - greatly appreciated".

    "Easy to contact and were prompt"

    "I needed to re-home my two Siamese cats due to a newly diagnosed cat allergy. Animal lifeline contacted me after they saw my advert on line, they were so helpful and put me in touch with the right charity who could find my cats a loving and safe home which met their needs. This they did quickly, animal life line were also easy to contact and were prompt in answering my emails. I cannot thank them enough for all their help".

    Pets Locally

    Taken from Pets Locally: Reviews of Animal Lifeline UK

    “Brillliant forum for rescues and pet owners”

    Animal lifeline uk is totally unique. The forum members and Amins are nice and very helpfull and I've found that they go the extra mile to help. They are never judgementle over people having to give up pets and trying to find rescue back up or space in a rescue. I couldn't reccomend or speak higher of this forum, they are cream of the crop.

    “Thank You!”

    "I was lucky enough to have an Animal Lifeline UK representative contact me when she saw on the web that I was trying to re-home an older pedigree cat with special dietary requirements that were difficult for me to meet.

    Re-homing a loved pet is difficult on a number of levels - hard on the heart, embarrassing, worrisome in finding the right home but Animal Lifeline UK were a real help. I did not feel judged... their only concern was the welfare of the cat. I was given sensible advice on matters that had not even occurred to me and some wonderful anonymous helpers undertook 2 or 3 home checks before just the right family were found.

    Now my cat and his friend are settling wonderfully into a new home. I get progress reports and though I miss them I know that they are getting the love and attention that they need. I couldn't have done as good a job on my own and I am very grateful indeed to Animal Lifeline UK.

    Thanks again Jean."

    Animal Lifeline UK helps pounds all over the UK to secure rescue placements for stray dogs.

    Pound dogs have seven days to be reclaimed by their owners. If not reclaimed then on the eighth day the dogs are often euthanised.

    Animal Lifeline UK not only find these dogs rescue placements, we also find volunteers to help transport them and raise funds towards the cost of transport and emergency boarding if needed.

    Reviews from some of the pounds we help

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    "I have been a dog warden \ animal welfare officer for over 18 years, and in the last 18 months we have seen a huge increase in the number of strays we are picking up, and the volume of Staffordshire bull terriers (SBT’s) has risen to an overwhelming amount.

    Without Kelly Joy and the volunteers and helpers of Animal Lifeline UK I really don’t want to think about what the ending for some of our strays would have been.

    They put their heart and soul into finding and securing a rescue place for our stray, abandoned dogs, and organising transportation runs to move the dog to the said rescue place; all of which takes huge amounts of time and patience on their behalf, and with time constraints as well, because of due dates for Put To Sleep (PTS).

    They are guardian angels to ‘pound’ and ‘death row’ dogs, and I wouldn’t be able to do my job without their help and support.

    They save thousands of stray dogs a year and place numerous amounts of SBT’s, which is no mean feat to achieve.

    "Pip Singleton – Dog Warden\Animal Welfare Officer for Worcestershire Regulatory Services".

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