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    by Published on 14th August 2016 01:45 PM

    A massive thank you to Jo Goodyear for doing an auction for us and raising a massive 457.02.

    Thank you to everyone who bid and everyone ...

    This is a desperate appeal for funding to enable us to help pound dogs in need.

    Most urgently this money is required for fuel costs to get pound dogs to the the safety of their rescue placements and emergency boarding but in the longer term we also need to be able to recruit more volunteers to meet the rapidly increasing demands for help we have received recently.

    Every year ALUK helps hundreds of pound dogs to find those all-important rescue spaces to give them the opportunity to find a new, loving home.

    Each dog's transport run costs an average of 50, sometimes significantly more. This can put a huge drain on finances. At any one time we can be helping dogs from more than a dozen pounds across the UK. We also assist other animal welfare organisations and are frequently asked to aid in large rescue operations by co-ordinating the swift removal of animals and getting them to safety. This is yet another important aspect of our work that we could not do without funding.

    Although many transport volunteers give up their time and petrol freely those who are able to do this are in increasingly short supply and as the costs of petrol are so high and surely set to increase this is only going to get harder. Sadly our funds are becoming very low and as a result we are worried that we may not be able to carry on helping dogs and other animals to the safety of their rescue placements, foster homes or emergency boarding which would be a disaster as we have so many people that rely on us for our help to save animals.

    We have even been investigated recently by more county councils and as a result have been officially requested to find rescue placements for dogs in pounds in another three different council areas. This is great for those dogs as they have a chance of finding themselves with a chance of a new life at the end of their pound stay, but it does place more demands on Animal Lifeline UK and we really do need more help to make sure this is sustainable and we can provide assistance in all of these cases.

    If you can spare even just a pound to help us continue our work to save these poor animals it would help us save more animals in need.

    Please donate to support our work and help save more animals.

    All donations are gratefully received.

    Select your preferred currency and donation amount, then click the donate button.

    Please do state if there is a particular case or cause (e.g. emergency boarding, transportation of pound dogs, etc.) you would like to donate to.

    Please send as a gift so Paypal don't charge fees for the transaction.

    Many thanks for your support!