• Automatic E-mail System

    Would you like to help animals in need but don't have the time to keep visiting numerous forums, blogs, websites etc?

    Animal Lifeline UK is an animal rescue organisation run by a group of volunteers who work closely with rescues all over the UK to help with fostering, home checking, rehoming, transport and more. We also help find rescue placements for pound dogs to ensure they have somewhere safe to go at the end of their seven day stay, with the hope of a forever loving home rather than being euthanasied. We also work with owners who, through unforeseen circumstances, have no choice but to rehome their beloved pet. We also help to match up people looking for a new pet to animals in rescue thus freeing up much needed rescue space for other pets in need.

    To do this we use an automatic e-mail system which saves time and enables us all to help even more animals in need.

    Would you please consider being on the Animal Lifeline UK automatic e-mail list? Your details are kept for our own use only and NEVER passed on to any other organisation.

    Automatic E-mail System Explained

    When a new member joins and registers on our forum they are asked to enter the area where they live plus additional areas, by county, where they are able to offer help. If we require assistance in a particular area then all members in that county are sent an e-mail alert to notify them in case they, or someone they know, are able to help. Members can opt-out of this e-mail notification service at any time.

    Being on our automatic e-mail list doesn't mean we expect you to help all the time, or even that we expect you to reply to every e-mail. It is all completely voluntary, so you are welcome to join in and help as little or much as you would like to. All we ask if that if you are able to help please do reply as soon as possible, either by e-mail, telephone, or on the forum itself to let us know what help you can give and when so we can co-ordinate rescue efforts.

    We are often asked to help animals that are in real danger or often at risk of being put to sleep. Our automatic e-mail list means we can contact members quickly and directly and potentially save an animal's life.

    We do not expect our members to post daily on the forum. In fact you never even have to post on the forum if you choose not to. As a busy organisation we simply use the forum as one of the many tools to help us in our work.

    We also use other social media to aid us in helping animals in need.

    Please join us if you can!

    We have have two Facebook pages which can be found here:

    We also have a Twitter account. Our twitter tag is: ALUK_org

    We can also be emailed at: [email protected] or called on 07733 125 279.

    Please remember that we are all volunteers and may not be able to be on-line 24 hours a day. However we do always aim to reply to anyone who contacts us within 24 hours.

    Here are some of the ways you can help by being on our automatic e-mail list:

    • Transporting
    • You could help transport an animal to the safety of their rescue or rescue foster home. We NEVER expect anyone to do a whole transport run; we know how expensive fuel is! If you could drive even just a short way to meet someone else en route, rather like a relay so a 'chain' of volunteers covers the whole route, you will genuinely help save that animal's life.

    • Home Checking
    • You could home check possible foster or permanent homes to help rescues rehome animals in their care and enable them to take in more animals at risk.

    • Fostering
    • Foster homes are a lifeline to rescues and the animals in their care.

      There is no cost to becoming a fosterer as rescues normally pay for all food and vets bills linked to the foster animal.

    • Other Urgent Cases
    • Occasionally we will e-mail members if we receive an urgent request to help, such as if a rescue animal goes missing or an injured animal needing urgent veterinary attention is sighted.

    Why Help?

    Despite the large number of forum members more often than not finding someone available to help in a particular area, time or for a specific species can be really, really challenging and try as we might we sadly can't always help.

    We are in desperate need of more volunteers so if you know anyone who may be able to help, or can help us spread the word to recruit more volunteers we would very much appreciate it.

    So many animals are put to sleep (or arguably worse) every day because there are not enough people to help these animals in need so please get on board and help us to help more animals.

    If you aren't already on our automatic e-mail list then please consider subscribing to it.