• Transporting

    Transporters assist rescues by helping to move animals to the safety of rescue and foster placements.

    Animal Lifeline UK works closely with pounds and rescues to help remove animals at risk to places of safety.

    Our work depends entirely on the support of our volunteers - people like YOU to help us achieve this.

    Transporting rescue animals can involve moving pets from:

    • Pounds to rescue centres
    • Rescue centres to foster homes
    • Current owners to rescue placements
    • Rescue centres or foster homes to veterinary practices

    ... and occasionally even to their forever homes*.

    We would never expect anyone to do a whole transport run; we appreciate that fuel is expensive, and some journeys can be a considerable distance.

    However, if you could drive even just a short way to meet someone else en route, like a relay, you could genuinely save an animal's life.

    Do you want to get involved but have no previous experience?

    If you have never helped with a transport run before, don't worry.

    Animal Lifeline UK helps co-ordinate each transport run and is there to support every volunteer through every stage of the journey.

    You can view details of just some of the transport requests on our forum by clicking here: 'Transport Help Needed'

    Please also see our 'Transport Guidelines' here for more information: 'Transport Guidelines & Useful Information'

    * In exceptional circumstances only. Fuel costs for transport to forever homes is normally covered by the rescue or new owners.

    If you would like to get involved please fill out the form below, or contact us at

    E-mail us at: [email protected]

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