• How Animal Lifeline UK Can Help

    For most people making the decision to rehome their pet is not an easy one. We understand that sometimes owners have no choice due to unforseen circumstances that cannot be avoided.

    In these situations we will do everything we can to help and provide support to ensure that your pet ends up in a suitable, loving forever home.

    Dog Looking For New Home

    Animal Lifeline UK has close contacts with many rescues in the UK who we are able to call upon to help if your pet needs a a rescue placement.

    When your pet goes into their care they are vet checked and are usually fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, de-flead and neutered.

    If your pet is too young to be neutered the rescue will ask the new owner sign an agreement to say they will arrange it when the animal reaches a suitable age. The rescue will also check this is done, to prevent unwanted litters and more animals ending up in rescue.

    Please be aware that some rescues will ask for a donation to help pay for these treatments.

    All potential homes are vet checked and home checked to make sure they are suitable for your animal.

    When your pet is adopted the new owner will sign an agreement stating that they agree to contact the rescue if they can no longer keep the pet, so you can be sure your pet will always have the security of a rescue space if the unforeseen happens.

    We may also be able to assist with transport to get your pet to the rescue or the rescue's foster home. Many rescues use foster homes where your pet lives as part of the family until the right home is found for them.

    You can read about some of many animals that we have helped to get into rescue here: 'Successful Rescue Backup'

    You can also read reviews about our service here on Rescue Review. This is an independent website and all reviews are written by individuals we've helped: 'Reviews of Animal Lifeline UK'

    Cat Looking For New Home

    If you have an animal that you need our help to rehome please e-mail details to us at:
    [email protected]

    Give as much detail as possible about your pet and be honest; we at Animal Lifeline UK will still try to help your animal regardless of any health or behaviour problems they may have. This information will help us find the most suitable rescue for your pet; each has a wealth of knowledge and different experiences that may be of help and some rescues often specialise in dealing with specific conditions.

    When contacting us please attach clear pictures of your pet. This often helps us to find a rescue placement more quickly. Also do leave a land line, rather than a mobile, number if possible to help us to cut down on our costs.

    Sadly many rescues are full to bursting with very long waiting lists for animals to come into rescue but we will always try to find a placement for your animal as quickly as we can. Once we have your pet's details at Animal Lifeline UK they will remain on our records and we will actively continue to search for a rescue placement until either we find a rescue able to take them or you otherwise instruct us that a placement is no longer needed.

    Please make sure that you keep in contact with us and notify us straight away if you manage to rehome your pet yourself.

    Please note: we do not allow animals for sale on the forum.