• Kelly-Joy (Manager)

    Hello. My name is Kelly-joy I am part of the ALUK team along with Vicky, Jess, Debbie and Emmeline . I am also the bossy one that bosses everyone around to get everything done, lol.

    I have been involved with rescue for many years with different rescues but mostly with the UKRCC which rescued and rehomed ragdolls and other pedigree cats. I was a rehoming coordinator, fosterer and helped with fund raising, making people more aware of the UKRCC and the general day-to-day running of the rescue.

    I often get foster kittens to hand rear or the occasional animal or two dumped at my door which I have always found the very best of homes or rescues for.

    I live with my lovely other half, Steve and our 2 little boys Tom, 13, and Leo, 11, who all put up with me and my animals!

    I share my home with 5 cats: 3 ragdolls,, 1 very naughty Birman and 1 lovely moggie. I also have 2 dogs Noddy a cocker spaniel and Tilly a JRT x , I have also had rabbits , gerbils, hamsters etc that have all passed on now.

    My role is to help to source rescue places for animals most at risk we are asked to help with which is mostly welfare cases and stray dogs from the pounds we work with. We also help the odd cat/kittens/small furries/reptile/ bird etc

    If you ever want to get hold of me for whatever reason my email is:

    This email also gets forwarded to Jess and Debbie on the team so if I am not about one of them will always answer any emails sent to this email address.

    I would just like to say for all your support

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