• Adopt a Rescue Animal!

    Are you looking for a new pet to join your family? If so please spare a thought for the many animals that are in rescue throughout the UK.

    Animals come into rescue for many different reasons, the majority through no fault of their own.

    Simply click on the following links to view some of the many animals in need of loving new homes in rescues:

    Dog and Puppies

    Cats and Kittens

    Small Furries (Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, e.t.c.)

    All Other Animals (Birds, Reptiles, Horses, Livestock, e.t.c.)

    • Are you looking to adopt a new pet?

    • Would you like help to find your new animal companion?
    • If the answers are YES then you may like to take advantage of our Adoption Match Service.

      Animal Lifeline UK works with many rescues all over the UK. We have expert knowledge and access to a wide of resources to be able to carefully match people wanting to adopt a new pet to animals already in rescue.

      How we can help

      We first ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to tell us a little more about the type of pet you're looking for and will enable us to identify potential matches that best suit your family and lifestyle.

      Once we have these details we will start to actively search for available animals. You can see our progress and view the details of any pets that may be a suitable match via e-mail or on our forum.

      If you are interested in offering a home to any of the animals we will provide you with details of the rescue directly responsible for rehoming that animal. Each rescue has its own adoption policies and procedures you will need to follow to adopt from them.

      Generally this will include:

      • A home check prior to adoption to ensure that the home, pet and family are a suitable match
      • A visit to meet your potential adoptive dog to introduce any existing dogs in the home (where applicable)
      • Payment of a donation - prior to adoption most pets will have undergone a veterinary check, flea and worming treatments, vaccinations and neutering, if not already up-to-date. This donation goes towards the cost of these, food and board and any other costs involved. The required donation will vary so please contact the rescue directly for details of up-to-date prices.
      • A follow-up call or check to ensure your new pet is settling in well and to offer advice and support where needed.

      Please note, Animal Lifeline UK has no authority to make decisions on behalf of any rescue regarding whether or not you are able to adopt a particular animal.

      If you have space in your home and your life for a rescue animal please contact us.

      E-mail us at: [email protected]

      You can view animals throughout the UK in need of forever homes on our forum by clicking here: 'Pets in Need of New Homes'

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