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    E-mail us at: [email protected]

    Call us on: 07733 125 279.

    You can also post directly on the forum, or messages can be sent via the Private Message (PM) system. To do this simply click on the 'Forum' tab, then on 'Private Messages' to enter a recipient followed by your message.

    We also use other social media to aid us in helping animals in need.

    We have have two Facebook pages which can be found here:

    We also have a Twitter account. You can find us here: ALUK Twitter Page. Our twitter tag is: ALUK_org

    Please join us if you can!

    Please remember that we are all volunteers and may not be able to be on-line 24 hours a day. However we do always aim to reply to anyone who contacts us within 24 hours.

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    Animal Lifeline UK is a not-for-profit organisation run solely by volunteers.

    Please donate to support our work and help save more animals.

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