View Full Version : Staffordshire/Cheshire dog sitter needed for this week

12th September 2010, 02:21 PM

I'm in a pickle with Berry...long story about a pipe bursting, builders not coming into the house when they said they were...has basically ended up in instead of them taking a week to complete the work (they only worked 3 days last week, despite telling insurance they worked 5..my neighbour is a good spy!) they will be back again tomorrow and cannot confirm how long they'll take to finish. I currently have no kitchen floor just concrete so....

My OHs mum had Berry all next week and has somewhat begrudginly agreed to have her again tomorrow as Berry cannot be home as she stays in the kitchen and I dont have any other rooms suitable for her to stay in. Plus she'd go mad knowing people were in the house and couldnt get at them.

OHs mum understandably has a life, and already has plans Tuesday onwards. To be honest, i dont think she really wanted her everyday last week either but didnt want to say no to my face. I really cant afford the £15 minimum day care fees for potentially Tuesday-Friday so was hoping there would be someone who could do me a favour and help me out? Normally I would just pay the professionals but this has been a bad month money wise with vet fees and insurance excesses. My Dad has unhelpfully suggested leaving her in the dark, leaking unsecure shed so I've told him no way and had an argument with him because Berry isnt allowed in their house, they only like her if its visiting my house :(

The builders come in at 9 and I know there isnt anyone else I know who lives in Sandbach so I could drop Berry off on my way to Stone in Staffordshire

If anyone who lives in Crewe, Alsager, Rode Heath, Kidsgrove, Newcastle, Trentham, Stone or nearby could help me then please let me know and I will owe you one huge favour!

Bit of a long shot but I've got no other options bar asking my neighbour who is a bit weird and told me a story about his own dog being killed because his son left the gate open...so not the best option.

I'd have the time off work but cant because my manager is off and my job is hanging in the balance as it is. I have no family or other friends nearby who could help or who WILL help...got myself upset over it earlier but realised that wont achieve anything so now depserately trying to get this sorted! Nothing is ever simple!!

12th September 2010, 08:02 PM
Can you tell me more about Berry!
I.e What is she!
Does she get on with other dogs etc!

12th September 2010, 09:08 PM
Hi, thanks for replying, Berry is a 20 month old female black spayed labrador. She adores every dog she comes across and loves nothing more than play fighting and chasing around with doggy friends.

She loves cuddles and is happy just sitting next to someone. I would normally leave her home whilst I'm at work but bar the kitchen there is nowhere else suitable for her to stay in my house and its the kitchen that currently looks like a bombs hit it!

13th September 2010, 09:43 AM
Berry will be welcome to come here to play! No charge!! :biggrin:
Have pm'd you my phone number!!

13th September 2010, 12:20 PM