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Labradoodle Trust
2nd October 2010, 10:22 PM

Labradoodle Rescue UK was set up in July 2007, when the realisation that Labradoodles were becoming the victim of their own rise in popularity became apparent. TV programmes had, for a couple of years, been advocating doodles as the ideal dog for allergy sufferers, celebrities were showing off their doodles to anyone who would take notice, and so the tag of “designer dog” was born.

More and more, we were seeing that in fact, doodles are not always suitable for allergy sufferers. Bad breeding programmes to fulfil the demand for these dogs were having an impact on the health of pups, the irregularities within the breed came as a surprise to the unsuspecting owners, and suddenly, people were finding they had a shedding dog which had grown to be the size of a donkey, and they were struggling.

Rather than see these innocent dogs be abandoned or worse, a few people concerned about the fate of these dogs got together to set up a breed specific rescue, Labradoodle Rescue UK as it was then.

Unbeknown to this band of willing volunteers, the need for the rescue soon became alarmingly apparent, with the numbers of people contacting us rising exponentially in a very short space of time. The reasons for dogs coming to Rescue can be anything from a drastic change in circumstance, a family bereavement, an allergy problem with the dog, or simply that the owner had not anticipated just how big and energetic their tiny puppy would become.

By 2009 it was apparent to the volunteers that ran Labradoodle Rescue UK, that they just did not have the time or the necessary qualifications to devote to running a rescue that was in such high demand. So in January of 2010, Labradoodle Rescue UK was closed down and Labradoodle Trust came into existence as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Five people took on the running of Labradoodle Trust Ltd, two from Labradoodle Rescue UK and three new trustees. In June 2010, Labradoodle Trust was awarded Charitable Status with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.