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6th October 2010, 08:37 PM

Cat Detective
6th October 2010, 08:44 PM
Feline Network would be very grateful to receive any of the following;

Cat feeding bowls
Litter trays and scoops
cat food - wet and dry
cat litter
small blankets and towels for bedding
worming and flea treatments
Zylkiene / metacam / Rescue remedy
toys, balls etc
large plastic box (like the recycling ones) for soaking cat bowls etc.
small shed / cat pen / wood etc to build one.

7th October 2010, 12:52 AM
Miaow Cat Rescue would be so grateful for any of the following:-
Food and water bowls
wet and dry food
fleecy blankets
small scratching posts
flea treatment and wormers
bio washing powder/tabs
litter and litter trays
soft cat beds.
Washable rugs.
Thank you so much, this is a lovely idea, it'll help to give the cats a good Christmas. God Bless. :grouphug:

7th October 2010, 09:29 AM
Small (preferably the mouse ones) water bottles
Mineral Stones
Willow, or wood or hay items/toys for gnawing and playing with.
Toilet roll tubes, kitchen roll tubes, egg boxes. (for gnawing)
Millet Spray (like what you give to budgies)
Small packets of unsalted nuts ie Brazil nuts, peanuts, macademia, pine nuts.
Gerbil Food

Hope this isnt too much! Thanks, Nicki

7th October 2010, 10:19 AM
North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary would grately appreciate any of the following:

Office equipment
• White printer paper
• HP ink cartridge 344 & 339
• Envelopes
• Plastic wallets
• Laminator pouches A4&A3
• Stamps
• Any good vivarium in good condition
• Baby baths
• Towels
• Pillow cases
• Dried leaf and flower mix
• Koi sticks
• Screws
• Plywood
• Sheds in good condition

Thank you :)

I want ed say merry christmas lol is it to soon? sorry i get excited xx

7th October 2010, 10:41 AM
RACR Would be hugely greatful of:

Dry & wet Cat and dog food.
Hay or straw (straw for cosey winter bedding)
Any good sized unwanted hutches and/or runs
Toys for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and small animals..
Hammocks for small furries
Printer paper
Ink cartidges for canon MP140 printer (colour and black)

*FAO Santa if your reading.. A nice little van for one of our hard working volunteers and the rescue to help us with transporting for vet runs and home checks and collections etc.. :supersmile: :supersmile:

8th October 2010, 08:38 AM
Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue
our wish list is simple.

Flea and wormers

Oh and personally I have 2 rectangle Fish tanks, no lids at least not that secure, water tight would suit a rescue for rodents or reptiles. free...

Have also a perfect wooden box no one seems to want it approx 1 m2 dry with small flap, looks like an ex chicken box. good for ferral cats etc...

8th October 2010, 12:00 PM
Mmmm :chin:

Medium to Large Alasakn Semi Slip collars
Leads for Large dogs
Flea and wormer for dogs 20kg+

We need these the most desperate but could do with £2000 too please!


Beth x

15th October 2010, 07:21 PM
KumfyKatzRescue would really appreciate any or all of the following: Amended List 8/11/10

Food bowls

CatHouse/Iso Units/Cages

Cat toys, especially (Zebedee) catnip toys

Cat Carriers (not whicker please!)

Frontline (spray preferred)

Drontal + or similar (not BobMartin)

Food (All types, wet dry, kitten senoiur)

Cat litter (prefer non-clumping)

Many thanks all, and Happy Holidays!!

Gil, Simon, Wendy

Popcorn paradise
1st November 2010, 03:15 AM
Could i sugest when sending the parcel(s) a note from either member or annoymous (sp??) be added to the package to say its from animal lifeline uk, so that us rescues can add pictures on here to show our and the animals appriciation, :)

Rescue Wishlist! oooo this will be fun.

Sorry must add a warning first -

please no READIGRASS OR HERBS as we have two piggys allergic to the grass and im allergic to some herbs :aww:

To make life easier for us.

Shed (most needed at the moment) So that we can move some of our storage into it to fit more animals into our house. Yes thats right alll our fluffy, spikey, furry family members live inside with us :)
Money - always a need for this, to help boost the account after massive vet and food bills. Trying to keep it above certain amount (never seems to happen) :aww: :aww: just incase of a big emergency vet bill.
Dog grooming clippers - to cut poor henrys fur (it grows into his eyes) :please2: - This will also save us money in fuel traveling to our friends to get his fur cut around his eyes. This will also help me to keep rescuing the long haird guineas that im allergic too. Trim them short and the allergies are managable :)
Items for us to sell to raise funds for the rescue, CD albums and DVDs, a company will buy these from us. Cases need to be unbroken though. :(
Hutches/runs (ideally 5ft +collapsable runs, so that we can fit more in storage at night)
Indoor cages/pens for all animals.

If anyone is purchasing any of the items on rescue wishlists please visit our site and click on the hamster picture at the bottom of our home page, by doing so 1% of whatever you spend on the site goes to our rescue :) Heres the link :) http://popcornparadiseanimalrescue.co.uk/

For the animals


The kitten was a suprise rescue and he has very little in way of toys :(
If somebody would like to donate one of these we and He would certainly appriciate it, http://www.equinecaninefeline.com/catal ... -1312.html (http://www.equinecaninefeline.com/catalog/petstages-fantasy-fish-bowl-p-1312.html)
Cat tunnels (we have big buns)
Cat toys/balls
Cat beds
Cat litter - wood based only please
Cat food (dry or wet) This does hedgehogs too!
Wagg optimum nuggets
Dwarf and junior nuggets.
Kabob toy with the bell on the end (magic is desperate for one)
Hanging garland (flower/sports) toys seem to be a great hit.
Bordem braker funtrees/playpatch.


vet bed
cosys - beds/sofas/cars
chew tubes/toilet roll tubes/kitchen roll tubes
Rabbit tunnels
ferret tubes
Wagg optimum nuggets
Hanging garland (flower/sports) toys seem to be a great hit.


Sand and baths
cooling blocks
(most chin stuff really)

Hamsters, mice, gerbils

Cheap rolls of toilet roll
empty coffee jars
cheap deep dog bowls (for the hams to have sand baths) Can be plastic alow would prefure the ceramic ones, much harder for them to tip up!
Hanging toys, bridges, stuff to climb on and explore.
Wooden/willow balls/toys

Hedgehogs -


If none of this tickles your fancy how about taking a look here - http://popcornparadiseanimalrescue.co.uk/donations.html

Our list is long but hopefully it will give you wonderfull donaters an idea of what you could send us as a gift.
Please remember the smallest of items make the world of difference to us and our family so please dig deep and see what you can find to help us spoil the rescue bundles of joy this year.
Dont forget to wrap up warm its getting rather nippy of late :(

Merry christmas everybody! :hug: :lovesign: :wub:

Thanks from everyone at PPAR.

1st November 2010, 10:13 AM
Animal Helpline
we would be very grateful for any of the following
slip leads
collars various sizes
food bowls
flea treatments
anything doggie related really

8th November 2010, 07:56 PM
Thorneywood Cat Rescue would really apprerciate any of the following

Small Cat bowls
Cotton wool make up remover pads ( for the Persians eyes)
Syringes all sizes
Printer paper
Optrex for eyes

Cat toys, balls feathers etc

8th November 2010, 10:22 PM
Thorneywood Cat Rescue would really apprerciate any of the following

Small Cat bowls
Cotton wool make up remover pads ( for the Persians eyes)
Syringes all sizes
Printer paper
Optrex for eyes

Cat toys, balls feathers etc
walkies dogs

would be greatful for

newspaper - we go through so much!
bedding towels ect
dog toys

p.s i seem to have accumalated a large number of plastic beds sowill be donating them too

GSD Lifeline
16th November 2010, 04:41 PM
Half check collars are very much needed as we have ran out of all decent collars now

Thank you :)

16th November 2010, 04:42 PM
Rochdale Dog Rescue

After visiting the dogs at boarding yesterday and seeing how much they were enjoying their new bones, i realised they need some toys so i have come up with an idea.

KONGS :D Now i know they dont come cheap but they are pretty much indestructable even to the staffies!

They keep dogs entertained for ages and help to stimulate the dog both mentally and physically, which is what these dogs really need :(

So this is where we need your help :pray: we need medium & large sized Kongs either the Classic or Extreme type. They could be donated by yourself, begged by you from your local petshop, do a whip round at work and buy one etc

If you can help in anyway please let us know :cross:

Cats Galore Rescue
25th November 2010, 11:41 AM
Cats Galore would be very grateful for any of the following:

Catnip toys
Worming & flea treatments
Feliway or similar

And of course, the six winning numbers so we can buy that place with land to put up some luxury cat pens!! :supersmile:


Hope everyone has a fab Christmas :xmascat:

25th November 2010, 11:43 AM
LBDR would be very grateful for anything going spare , which is ok for large breeds

food bowl,s
we will never say no to anything and would be very very happy

2nd December 2010, 02:44 PM
We would just be grateful for anything that is suitable for little monsters :aww: , sorry meant small dogs :dur: Flea & wormers would also be great, but realise they are not cheap

2nd December 2010, 02:45 PM
walkies dogs

would be greatful for

newspaper - we go through so much!
bedding towels ect
dog toys

p.s i seem to have accumalated a large number of plastic beds sowill be donating them too

faye at pawprints
2nd December 2010, 02:45 PM

the pawprints furries need:

igloo cat beds,
cat and dog flea and worm treatments,
ickle and medium dog jumpers,
wood shavings,
shredded paper,
cat food (biscuits and wet),
stamps (for posting newsletters).

faye and the gang x :cathug: :doghug:

2nd December 2010, 02:46 PM

Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue currently have three dogs in kennels.

One has a duvet and coat, the other two have coats on the way but we could do with some toys for them:

Fillded Bones
Anything that is almost indestructable!!!

Many thanks.

Rescue Remedies
2nd December 2010, 02:47 PM
Dear Santa

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue would be grateful for any or all of the following for our dogs ... subject of course to room in your sleigh:

Dog coats from size medium upwards (Staffie sizes most useful) - festive red is lovely, but they say dogs are colour blind and we take all colours!

Leads/Harnesses/Collars: Flexileads, Slip leads, figure-of-eight leads, harnesses Haltis, Gentle leaders & good quality collars - 2nd hand in good condition or new.


Flea & Worm treatment

Unused/in-date medications for our vets to re prescribe i.e. metacam

Medicated (e.g. Malaseb) dog or dog shampoo

Kongs - Medium or Large, classic or extreme

Tough/safe toys

Pigs Ears, tripe sticks, jerky, rawhide or similar

No room on the sleigh? Then standing orders set up in support of our dogs can be arranged online via our website at http://www.rescueremedies.co.uk

One off donations towards either our kennel bills or vets bills by Paypal via our website above or by cheque (contact [email protected])

Cassie arrived in rescue with us the day before Christmas, 24th December 2008. She is still in kennels and patiently waiting for her home to come along. Please take a look at her Santa and if you spot a good home for her on your travels perhaps you could drop her off on your rounds ... she'd love a home of her own and a warm hearth for Christmas: http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.org/ftopic953-0.php

If the all the above sounds like too much of a tall order we will understand. In which case, even better if you could just send kind & loving homes our way instead and then we wouldn't have any other needs.

Look after those reindeer and make sure they get the official number of breaks en-route!

For and on behalf of the ... homeless!