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21st February 2011, 02:32 PM
Two family pet dogs were stolen last night (Friday, 18th February 2011) from their garden in the Sheldwich area of Kent/Surrey. Details as follows:

Golden retriever - two years old, spayed female.
Leonberger - two and half years old, spayed female.

....The owners are grief stricken please repost this if at all possible.

Contact Rachele or Brian on 07890 661 643 if you have any information at all.

21st February 2011, 05:55 PM
Leonberger and Golden Retriever
Doglost.co.uk 28152 and 28153 have been reunited with their owners
today. They hadn't been stolen, they'd escaped from the
garden and were found this morning, very muddy, with
a few injuries but none too serious.

22nd February 2011, 03:29 PM
great news :woo:

24th April 2011, 01:06 AM
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