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27th April 2011, 10:02 AM
He (Im guessing its a he) looks like a dwarf Angora rabbit.

Hes ginger and white – very fluffy – with brown eyes. His hair was a bit matted in places and there were the odd areas where the hair was very short, like it had been cut or clumps had pulled out.

He seems quite calm to sit on you while being brushed, but is quite difficult to catch. He might have been lost for a while because he seemed extremely hungry (hence I managed to catch him with carrots!)

Found in Harringay Road Turnpike lane/Harringay Greater London
Postcode N15
Missing Since 5am, 20 February 2011
Listed on February 21, 2011
Pet Type Rabbit
Pet Breed Dwarf
Dominant Colour Ginger
Gender Unknown
Neutered Unknown
Distingushing Marks Has a snall sore on its back where hair has come out. fluffy sideburns!
Reported By n/a