View Full Version : lop eared rabbit

27th April 2011, 06:49 PM
Found this rather large rabbit lolloping around our back garden today. The rabbit is very friendly and docile and seems to be used to playing and interacting with humans. He/she has grey marks towards her/his lower back and seems to like carrots.

Weve put up fliers around L8 so if you see one you can call the number written on there; otherwise contact me at weeblman[at]gmail.com

Found in Toxteth Liverpool Merseyside
Postcode L8
Missing Since 13/03/11
Listed on March 13, 2011
Pet Type Rabbit
Pet Breed Lop Eared
Dominant Colour Tan
Gender Unknown
Neutered Unknown
Distingushing Marks Greyish marks at lower end of back
Reported By n/a