View Full Version : Please read before posting

Cat Detective
15th May 2011, 01:15 PM
When posting details of lost animals;

Please give as much information as you can regarding the date the animal was found, if the animal has a collar, tattoo, id, chip etc – all vets and most rescues will have a scanner and will check this for free for you.

Note as much detail as you can regarding the colour, eye colour, distinguishing features etc.

If the animal is deceased please state where the animal was situated, even if you have a picture for id purposes please do not post it here – you can PM or email it to any admin who will hold it in case an owner needs it.

If you manage to reunite the animal with its owner please tell us so we can archive the thread.

Also please state the current whereabouts of the animal, ie, local kennels, in a rescue, with the vets or with yourself etc.