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16th March 2012, 08:45 PM
Rosco, Staffie, DOB 05.08 - South London

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/535184/PSRosco02.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/535184/PSRosco02.jpg)
Homing Requirements: Rosco needs a special family to be at the heart of. He adores children but older children suggested. He needs garden security and exit management coupled with retention on extender lead. He will try to door dart.

His Story: Rosco was found stray as a 1 year old and we took him in from a Northern pound. We homed him in with single mum and young children who appeared to adore him. He was found stray 9 months later in their area. We were called via our disc and 5 hrs later by the owner. We returned Rosco, had concerns, but left his microchip in with our details. We were reassured, we left him for the sake of the children who adored him and trusted his owner to care for him. Rosco was again found stray 60 miles away. He was totally emaciated and was probably stray for at least 7 days. Rapid weight loss was evident, leather ears with crusted perimeters = sleeping outside in the cold. Worn down claws plus a scavenging mentality due to starvation. He had a distant hunting 'tuned out' air. Rosco is in foster awaiting for his home. Rosco is neutered, chipped and vax'd.

Rosco found stray emaciated March 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19biYDwfMHE&feature=youtu.be

Advert: Rosco has seen too much of life's darker side and we are so going to get it right for Rosco bless his heart. Rosco has just been returned to us having been found stray in a terrible condition. He has had a week's build up in foster but is a little too 'claimy’ with toys around very young children after his recent ordeal. He has the sweetest of natures. He is easy to walk and meets dogs really well. Not for cats or small furries.

Rosco is a small Staffie, currently on a weight gain regime. is being given TLC after being found starved and rebuilding his trust in human nature. No doubt he will soon be looking well again. We are looking for a caring family who have a track record of care and love.

Please visit Rosco’s thead on our forum: http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.org/sutra13810.php#13810 to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/535182/PSRosco01.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/535182/PSRosco01.jpg)

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still looking:(

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still looking:(

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still looking :(

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26th September 2012, 08:46 AM
This dog is still available for adoption and needs a home!

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20th October 2012, 06:40 PM
Here's Rosco ... still waiting for a home to call his own!

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423915/372168020.943998.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423915/372168020.943998.jpg)

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423917/372168066.098301.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423917/372168066.098301.jpg)

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423919/372168112.757265.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423919/372168112.757265.jpg)

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423924/372168306.613834.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423924/372168306.613834.jpg)

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423929/372168438.126504.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423929/372168438.126504.jpg)

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423935/372169449.045436.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1423935/372169449.045436.jpg)

20th October 2012, 07:19 PM
Aww bless him what a happy boy he looks http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu316/AnimalLifelineUK/Smilies/Newest/e51e380e.gif

22nd October 2012, 04:08 PM
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