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15th April 2012, 12:40 PM
Smoky is a gorgeous little man who needs a very special home.

Smoky is approximately 2 years old and was found living stray in Blacon covered in blood. It emerged that Smoky suffers with a condition which causes extreme hypersensitivity- changes in his environment or stresses cause his skin to itch and he will lick and scratch until the skin breaks. When this happens, Smoky needs a course of steroids to reduce the itch (not expensive thankfully).

Smoky is looking so so much better now and, through trial and error mostly, we have discovered what makes him happiest and reduces the frequency of his "attacks". So, he needs a home where:

- He can have outdoor access: Smoky loves to play out on warm days, climbing trees and having a great time

- No children or other pets in the home: these cause Smokey stress, and stress = itchiness

- Quiet atmosphere and a regular routine: Smoky does not like change! Ideally a home where holidays are infrequent - moving Smoky to a cattery for a week will almost certainly triggger an attack, but he seems ok when pet sitters come in and allow his routine to stay the same.

- Attention and fuss: Smokey LOVES cuddles. He loves to follow you around and be wherever you are - Smokey will certainly bond with a new owner and be the most affectionate, loving and sweet companion anyone could wish for

- Food: Smoky is on Royal Canin's Skin sensitivity food. This is approx 40p a day and he needs to stay in this, as this really does help to minimise itching.

Overall, Smoky would be best suited to a recently retired couple who spend a lot of time in the home, lead a fairly quiet lifestyle and have reasonably regular getting up and bedtimes. Smoky is fine being left on his own during the day, but would prefer someone around all the time.

Smoky is a truly special and loveable little cat - all who meet him fall in love.


if you are interested in them contact 07962 385213

Please say you heard about them from Animal Lifeline UK Team:)

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