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6th June 2012, 02:05 PM

Tigger is a big sweet and loveable seven year old girl who came into the rescue following her owner's death. Tigger has always been a very loved cat, but was very overweight indeed when she came into the rescue - a whopping 7.5kg! She is doing well on her diet now and is looking quite sleek lately, thanks to special Obestiy Management food. It is likely that she will need to remain on this food for some time.

Tigger is a very sweet girl who is very patient with children and really enjoys playing. She has really enjoyed the opportunity to explore the outside world after always being an indoor cat and would benefit from safe outdoor access to help her keep her new-found figure.

Tigger isn't overly-keen on other pets and would be best as the only cat as she loves one to one fuss.


if you are interested in them contact 07962 385213 or click the following link to send a message http://www.chestercatcare.co.uk/ContactUs.htm

Please say you heard about them from Animal Lifeline UK Team :4:

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