View Full Version : A breeding law?

Uptang Lee
24th October 2009, 09:48 PM
Well after watching Animals Cops on the animal planet i wondered if there was like laws like they do over there here? I mean in some states in the US they require a check from a animal law worker etc.. in that state to say the dogs have the "Minimum requirements" for the breeder to breed.

And there was loads of places in the US that broke many of these laws. So do you think breeders in the UK who breed dogs, cats, rabbits etc.. require a check from a animal worker etc.. to be allowed to breed?

I hope this doesn't confuse anyone as it did me typing it out :lol

25th October 2009, 12:37 AM
Sadly I think that the answer is NO!!! KC dont seem to 'police' the breeding of dogs.
That is why you will see a lot of ads that state mum & dad are KC reg but pups are not as there are 'limititations' as to how many litters a bitch is 'legally' allowed. I really cannot see how this can be policed as you have so many 'puppy farmers' who breed & then use agents to 'pass' off the pups as home bred. Oh what it would be like in an ideal world? I have been on a lot of 'farm' raids in the past, very upsetting, but the most upsetting part is that the 'powers that be' know exactly what is going on, but the attitude (& in a way I can see the logic) is at least we know where & who they are, make too much fuss & they will go underground. I hope that this makes sense. It really is a hard & very delicate subject to try to explain.

25th October 2009, 04:12 PM
No laws in the cat world either if they are a registered they do get fines if they aren't sticking to the gccf rules. But again there are far more backstreet breeders who sale kittens that are un healthy,un vaccs,and under age for stupid prices and the sad fact is that unless people stop paying the cheaper price for pedgiree kittens and puppies then there are always going to be a supply of these sickly babies and poor cats and dogs are always going to be bred to death quite literally :cry3: :cry3: :cry3: :cry3: