View Full Version : 3 yr old Grey long hair cat/ Oxon

25th December 2012, 07:42 PM
:thanks2: Patsy at Rushden Persian rescue for agreeing to take this boy :4:

Colour/pattern: long hair grey
Age:3 yrs
Up to date with vaccinations: no
When was last flea treated? about a month
When was last Wormed? about month ago
Are they microchipped: no
Details of any health problems: none known
Have they been in contact with any cats that are ill with infectious viruses and diseases such as FIV,FELV,Herpes etc no
Details of any behavioural problems: no
Any toileting problems (eg. messing away from tray or spraying): no
Used to children: yes
If so what age: 7 and up years
How do they get on with other cats: nervous of other cats will run away
How do they get on with dogs: no
Are they an indoor or outdoor cat: both
How many hours are they used to be left alone for: 6 hours
Diet they are on: whiskas wet food
Litter used:never used a tray
Reason for rehoming: about to lose their home.