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7th February 2013, 04:47 PM

Poppy is a gorgeous two year old tortoishell cat who was found living stray and pregnant after her owners had put her out. She gave birth to 5 bouncing and beautiful kittens who ran her ragged for 9 weeks but who are all, thankfully, now in new homes. Poppy was a very good Mum, doting and kind, but she was thrilled to have her own space again once the little ones left.

Poppy is the ideal cat for a working person or couple as, though she loves fusses and people, she is quite self sufficient and will quite happily amuse herself with toys or exploring while her owner is out. She is not a cat who likes to be picked up and carried around- she will approach you for attention when she wants some, hop up on the sofa next to you for strokes but then wander off when she has had enough and play with one of her many toys.

Please get in touch if you think you could offer Poppy a home. She has been spayed and is due to begin her vaccination course at any time.


Born: 2010
Ready for a Home: Immediately

if you are interested in them contact 07962 385213 or click the following link to send a message http://www.chestercatcare.co.uk/ContactUs.htm

Please say you heard about them from Animal Lifeline UK Team :4:

7th February 2013, 08:31 PM