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7th February 2013, 04:49 PM

Stuart is a very handsome boy who is almost all white but has black ears, a smudgey face and a black tail. He is approx 5 years old and he came to us when his owner's circumstances sadly changed and she was very sad indeed to have to part with him. He originally came from Dubai and travelled over to the Uk with her several years ago, a very loved and cherished boy.

Stuart loves people and will follow you around rubbing against your legs and seeking out fuss. He can be quite the chatterbox, especially when he is hungry, and is very playful indeed, loving to climb and play with anything he can find, especially boxes.

He isn't keen on other cats but would be fine with older children so would make a great family cat. The ideal home for Stuart would be one where he could get lots of attention and fuss; he gets quite sad when his fosters go out and he is all alone so a home, sitting at the window until they come back, so i think he would love a home where there is nearly always someone around.

Stuart has always been an indoor-only cat but there is no reason this can't change if there is very safe outdoor access. A fantastic little boy, he is ready for his new home now.


Born: 2007
Ready for a Home: Immediately

if you are interested in them contact 07962 385213 or click the following link to send a message http://www.chestercatcare.co.uk/ContactUs.htm

Please say you heard about them from Animal Lifeline UK Team :4:

7th February 2013, 08:29 PM