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13th June 2013, 04:09 PM
Animal Lifeline UK are appealing for more staff members

We need help with the following

1. A few people to work with a few other staff members on the cats side e.g finding cats rescue placements and checking that the rescues neuter, Vacs and Chip.

2. A few more people to help with transport runs , This would mean posting on the forum, sharing onto facebook pages and emailing the Animal Team to get transport runs posted up. These people would then be required to keep an eye on all offers and help to coordinate getting animals to the safety of their rescue placements.

3. Someone to chase all rescues that have taken animals from us to get them to send proof of neuter, vacs and chip and then forward on to myself so we can keep a hard copy and send to pounds we work with as proof that the dogs we are taking from them have been neutered, vacs and chipped.

4. would also like a few people to post animals we save up in to the re homing section of the forum, putting which rescue have taken that animal and then chase rescue and do follow up write up on them saying the type of home they are seeking e.g needs home with no young children ,no cats but fine with other dogs and put rescues contact details and any up date pics/vids of them in the foster home etc. These people would then need to stay in contact with rescues and update when the animal is re homed.
We think this is important as if we can help to find suitable homes and forward to rescues taking animals from us then that will free up a space for them to be able to help another animal we may have in need.

If you think you could help with any of the above please email us at [email protected] or if on facebook inbox myself Kelly-joy Sargent or Sally Coles or answer this thread . You do NOT have to be a member to answer but your post will not show up until a member of the team approves it first.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this

Best wishes The Animal Lifeline UK Team:)