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8th August 2013, 06:13 PM
2nd Jan Fuel costs for Ruby's run 30
5th Jan 12.50 Fuel costs for Codys run
8th Jan Fuel money to another driver for part of Harolds transport 7/1/2013 20
8th Jan Fuel money for part of Harolds transport 7/1/2013 20
23rd Jan Fuel costs for Eve and Olives run to Scotland /25/1/13 243.00
7th Feb 25.00 Fuel costs Welsey sbt pup
11th feb 20.00 Fuel costs for Dopey and Happy transport run
13th Feb 60.00 to rescue towards Clyde now Rex neuter costs.
18th Feb 30.00 Fuel costs for Sugar plums Transport.
25th Feb 24 EB for Boston for 4 nights
26th Feb fuel costs for Honey monster and Poppets transport run 75.00
26th Feb 18 to pay EB money for Honey Monster Mastiff
10th March to rescue 35 which was a donation we were given towards fuel costs for Bellas x breed pound dog,
11th March 28 pay part of Moochies EB costs a Husky x at / west midlands pound 26/2/13 to 12/3/13 We still owe you 56 which we will send to you as soon as possible.
13th March 56.00 Moochies EB
10th April Jenga Husky x 39.00 fuel costs
13th April 1599 – Fifi EB costs and 13 fuel costs to help get her to rescue.64.00
15th April transport 1763- Digger and 1756 Sunny 63.00
15th April 36.00 to rescue to help with Jenga
19th April cruelty case girl that has had her eye removed 45
19th April to rescue 17 the rest of the money donated from the 120 we had donated towards Fifi after we taken out EB costs of 90 and Fuel costs of 13.00
8th may 30 For transport of 1804 FLO miniature schnauzer / THURS 9.5.13
9th May 15 For transport of Wolf the white GSD Fri 10.5.13
13th May 55 For transport 0429 Parsley and JRT Sidney 14/5/13
20th Transport on 20/5/13 for 1824 - ITSY and ex West Midlands Pound dog Sausage 44 to do both runs
23rd 1826 – SMARTIE SMARTACUS fuel costs 40
24th Fuel costs for part of Jezabel Rottie female 5
30th May 170 0438 - Albert EB funds for 1 month
1st June to rescue Extra 36 raised for 0438
1st June 55.94 fuel costs for cruelty case pup to get rescue
4th June 38 1133 – NEMO TRANSPORT
5th June Welfare case 20 fuel costs
7th June 20 fuel to do part of hooch - 1136 run to rescue 40.22 for fuel money to do Molly 1843 full run to rescue 42 for a weeks EB for Molly 1843 = 102.22
10th June This is to pay 65 fuel money for 0443 - Little moos transport
17th June 80 in fuel costs to get 14 yr old Welfare/Cruelty case
18th June welfare case fuel ,a young Lurcher to get him to the safety of his rescue placement . Total 66.00 to cover fuel.
24th June 1621 Meg young collie fuel costs 65.00
3rd July fuel costs for Tootsie, and Bailey a young rottie and 3 night's EB for Welfare case Maggie SBT x Pug total of 58
16th July fuel costs to take George the Gsd x to rescue 40.50
17th July Fuel costs 1968 – FLORA the female lurcher to her rescue placement and two cats in Gloucestershire to their rescue placement.35.00
24th July For Bonos transport to rescue 21/7/13 and for Biscuit Bourbon and the collie Evie transport to rescue 25/7/13 30.50 for Bonos run and 43 for Biscuit Bourbon and the collie Evie
29 July 44 fuel costs 1995 – RAJ collie
31 July 20 Fuel costs 2105 - prince Alexander
1st August 27.26 fuel costs 2104 – RUPERT BEAR
4th August 2113 Mork and 2114 Mindy fuel costs to get to rescue / for 2 x welfare case dogs to get to rescue on Monday 5/8/13 total 55
4th August 36 Fuel costs Welfare case SBT to rescue
6th August 29 Fuel costs 0135 Giles EBT run on 8/8/13
6th August 149.72 Fuel Costs 2117 – THUMBELINA transport run
13th August 50.00 fuel costs -Transport for 2303 – DAFFODIL
14th August 20 fuel costs Transport Lurcher pup and terrier from Warwickshire pound to rescue
15th August 20 Fuel costs 2308 Oakley transport 16/8/13
16th August 35 to get Duchess home
22 August 54.42 2145 – HEKTOR transport run
27 August 26.60 half of total fuel costs needed to get 2155 Shea to rescue, rescue paid other half.
8th September 20.00 fuel costs 1940 - BARBIE transport run
11th September 34.06 fuel costs 1218 Amber sbt
17th September 69.32 fuels costs 2 yr old brindle Staffie with demodex in Oxfordshire pound
22/9/13 120 raised for Kya to go to rescue 80 was done as bank transfer straight to rescue.
22/9/13 40 fuel to get Bull lurcher female from Warwickshire pound to rescue.
22/3/13 100 transferred to member of staff in case any fuel needs to be paid when I am away from 25/13 to 4/10/13
48 EB for 8 days for Oliver Twist
37 Smartie pants run 3/10
32 3/10 Raven's run
12 for 2 nights EB 26/09 for 2191 ZIZI
36 2514 – GAZZA transport to foster home
10.99 to buy slip lead for transport of strays and welfare cases
5 for special food for Harry and Janey whilst in temp foster home until we could sort transport
36.00 Bruno welfare hand in JRT 18/10/13
22.00 for Brynn welfare case hand in young collie male 26/10/13
17.50 for old collie female and SBT in Warwickshire pound to get to cherwell valley services 25/10/13
25.00 transport pie and sbt male
23.40 transport 2357 teddy rottie male to get to rescue 6/11/13
42.00 EB from Friday 8/11/13 to Thursday 14/11/13 for Mabel an old SBT female. At 6 a night = 42
11/11/13 35.00 re fund for fuel costs of getting 2138 Duchess back home
19/11/13 65.00 fuel costs to get welfare case heavily pregnant Mastiff x to rescue 35 and fuel costs to get 2 greyhounds to rescue 30
22/11/13 first vacs of 2712 – BETTY BOO total 20.40
24/11/13 fuel costs for 2350 miss pinky and 2253 Grandma run on 25/11/13 Redttich to Essex total 60
25/11/13 2 days EB for 2712 Betty Boo total 12
29/11/13 fuel costs of transporting Bluebell boo boo and also 4 days Kennel fees. 46 fuel and 24 kennels fees total 70
29/11/13 fuel costs for Bluebell boo boo run to rescue rescue 30/11/13 total 38.50
29/11/13 20.40 to pay for 2585 Bosley first vacs
3/12/13 kennels for 4 days EB for 2582 – BOSLEY total 24
4/12/13 fuel costs for 2589 , 2590,2715 total of 47.58 on 5/12/13
5/12/13 kennels for 2 days EB for 2584 Tally the female Foxhound 12
9/12/13 pay kennels 2 x nights EB for 2378 Vincent SBT 12
10/12/13 fuel costs for welfare case Lurcher 10/12/13 total 22.00
10/12/13 pay vets for 2258 - BINGO and the new Sbt x first vacs each. Total of 40.80
12/12/13 Transport to rescue foster home Akita female from traveller site. Total 33.00 plus added 20p from Yesterdays run as only paid you 22.00 and should have been 22.20 sorry total 33.20
17/12/13 fuel costs for Pedro a mastiff x Sbt from Warwickshire pound on 18/12/13 total 31.00
18/12/13 fuel costs to get 2725 – MARIE and 2726 – PIERRE to their foster home on 19/12/13 total of 50
19/12/13 fuel for Beanie and the collie x from Warwickshire pound to go to foster total 59.55
21/12/13 40 for Tally the foxhounds run.
31/12/13 60 2387 – RUDOLPH run 31/12/13 fuel costs
31/12/13 38.00 2387 – RUDOLPH run 31/12/13 fuel costs

8th August 2013, 06:21 PM
2531.64 spent since start of year 2013 to 8/8/13

27th August 2013, 12:31 PM
2737.02 Since start of year to 27/8/13

20th October 2013, 12:00 PM
3260.03 Since start of year to 20/10/2013

28th December 2013, 08:31 PM
4083.36 Since start of the year to 28/12/13

31st December 2013, 05:21 PM
Ending year 2013 paid out 4181.36

31st December 2013, 05:56 PM
Happy New Year to everyone :))

Thank you to all that have helped us this year again, we really couldn't save as many animals as we do without your help so thank you x

I do hope that you will all continue to support the work we do in 2014.

I have just been going over the final figures and I can now tell you all the following.

For this year 2013

1. we have now found rescue places for over 506 dogs/puppies
2. 141 of those dogs were sbt's or sbt crosses
3. Sadly only 48 dogs were reclaimed by their owners
4. 2 dogs went to rescue but we got them back as we found owners after they were sent to rescue and DW's of dogs area went to assess homes and kept in touch to make sure dogs were safe and happy.
5.Sadly we were unable to save 3 dogs in time and they were put to sleep so sorry babies we couldn't save you rest in peace. :(:rip::rb::rose:
6. Total spent on fuel costs, EB and vets costs for neuter , vacs etc for the whole of 2013 comes to 4181.36

Lets hope by the end of next year we get less dogs needing rescue places.

From all of us at Animal Lifeline UK we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2014 x