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24th March 2014, 08:42 PM
Bailey, Parson's Jack Russell Terrier, DOB 06.03 - Tunbridge Wells, Kent

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725190/Bailey3n.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725190/Bailey3n.jpg)
Homing Requirements: Bailey needs stability and thrives on routine or where he is given lots of space: an ideal dog for someone working from home or a part-time worker. Bailey's owners mustn’t be too tactile. Bailey needs respect and careful management around visitors and strangers. Bailey doesn't appreciate gushing people intent on stroking. Bailey owners would need the means to provide for his future years. Not for live-in children and only pet status or dog companion who can offer Bailey space - the more space given and the more relaxed Bailey is.

His Story: Bailey’s owner had dementia, he was loved but lost all routine and didn't cope with changing carers. Bailey is now neutered, chipped, fully vax'd and has been given a clean bill of health. Bailey is in a multi dog fosterer home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and has been settled with the other dogs.

Advert: Bailey is a lively character for his age. Bailey loves people but needs to build trust slowly else he will growl and snap to control. He is not for an over tactile family. He builds trust and is a joy to have around but yes he is that slightly aloof terrier who is happy in your company or in the garden having found a patch of sunshine. Terrier people know how to respect their terrier folk as independent 'people'. Bailey loves walks and his food. In busy areas we slip a muzzle on and he is fine. Bailey travels well in the car secured.

Bailey is a tri-colour wire-haired Parson's Jack Russell Terrier born in June 2003. There is plenty of fizz in Bailey, he is creamy too! Bailey is thriving in foster and of course no one would guess his age! Bailey would suit a family who don't put too many demands on him, he loves a quieter household and time to think and ponder the meaning of life.

Please visit Bailey’s thread on our forum: http://rescueremediesdogrescue.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=23 to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725193/Bailey3at.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725193/Bailey3at.jpg)http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725194/Bailey3ab.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725194/Bailey3ab.jpg)http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725195/Bailey4.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725195/Bailey4.jpg)
http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725204/Bailey09.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725204/Bailey09.jpg)http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725197/Bailey77.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1725197/Bailey77.jpg)

If you are interested in re-homing please complete our homing questionnaire as a first step: https://rescueremedies.wufoo.com/forms/r7x3s5 so we can ensure our dogs are matched and will suit your circumstances/lifestyle.

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25th August 2014, 04:38 PM
Bailey is still available for adoption. If you are interested in rehoming Bailey please complete our homing questionnaire: https://rescueremedies.wufoo.eu/forms/rescue-remedies-homing-questionnaire/

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5th November 2014, 05:46 PM
Bailey is still waiting for his forever home.