View Full Version : The run up to Christmas

ABC Cat Rescue
4th December 2009, 11:00 PM
Hi all

Here we are nearing the end of another year and getting busy for the Christmas holidays. Families to visit, Christmas shopping to be done, wrapping presents, making the Christmas puds and oh yeh work lol :runaround: :runaround:

We fully appreciate how busy people are at this time, as we are ourselves. There are however still animals to rescue, transport runs to do, homechecks to complete and fosterers to find.

If you are sent a PM regarding any of the above and feel that you are able to help or are unable to help, please could we urge you to reply to the relevant post so that we can get these animals to where they are destined before people close down for Christmas.

If you are able to help, that is great, if you are unable to help then just a simple reply like 'unable to this time' will do. We will not be offended or hold it against you as we understand people's commitments and don't expect you to explain your reasons.

We are grateful for the hard work all the members put in to help ALUK progress and help rescues with their animals. :gl: to all of you in the Christmas shopping rush :phew: