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Furry Friends Rescue
6th February 2015, 12:40 PM
http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh49/anna_t_2007/cat_zps579f2b0f.jpg (http://s253.photobucket.com/user/anna_t_2007/media/cat_zps579f2b0f.jpg.html)http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh49/anna_t_2007/cat2_zpsa1dceb3f.jpg (http://s253.photobucket.com/user/anna_t_2007/media/cat2_zpsa1dceb3f.jpg.html)Chunks and Megan These cats traveled to us from Lincolnshire. They were loved pets once upon a time, but the owners decided that they didn't want them anymore, so moved and left them in the garden.Chunks was entire when he came in, so he popped straight up the vets for neutering. We also had both cats microchipped and their vaccinations bought up to date. Both cats have been wormed and flea treated. Chunks is 2 years old. He is a long haired black cat (possibly got a bit of Maine Coon in him) and Megan is a 6 year old short haired tortoiseshell. Both cats are fine with other cats and fine with children. They have never lived with dogs. We will not be splitting them up so any home must be prepared to take double trouble on! If you are considering adopting a pair of cats, please get in touch as these two would love to find a nice warm home to snuggle down inWe ask for a minimum adoption fee of 40 per cat. Furry Friends 0208 407 10800797 356 9371 [email protected]