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16th December 2015, 04:23 PM
I have just been in our Animal Lifeline UK paypal account to pay a transporter to get a couple of dogs out of the pound and to the safety of their rescue placement and sadly we only have left 61 odds :( and with an offer from someone to do full run for the blue sbt male that will mean we will only have 11 odds left once we paid them for the fuel they will use :( I knew our funds were running low but I hadn't realised just how low they had got :(

Please if you can spare even just a 1 to help us to be able to continue to pay for fuel for transporters to get animals at risk to their rescues places , EB (emergency boarding) to keep a pound dog safe until we can arrange transport and for neuter, vacs and chip for some animals to get them rescue places.
You can donate in the following ways bank transfer Account Name Animal Lifeline UK sort code 30-99-03 account number 22674160 Paypal [email protected]

This is year we have helped 420 dogs/puppies over 40 cats/kittens and a small number of small furries and reptiles.
We have also spent a over 4000 this year so far to save animals at risk.

I know its near Xmas and everyone is feeling the pinch at this time of year but without funds we just can't keep helping to save these poor animals at risk which would sadly mean that alot of animals that we would usually be able to save just won't make it :(
I hate the thought of our poundies not being able to be saved not because they don't have a rescue place , not because we can't sort transport to get them out but because of lack of funds so please please if you can spare even just 1 to enable us to help them we would be most grateful.
If you can't donate please share so we can keep helping them.