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13th January 2016, 02:20 PM
Delilah - Boxer x Staffie.

http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh49/anna_t_2007/d_zpstrew6w0u.jpg (http://s253.photobucket.com/user/anna_t_2007/media/d_zpstrew6w0u.jpg.html)

DOB: April 2015
Delilah came into rescue after being rescued by her previous owner at 5 months old. When found she had an infection of the womb (Pyometra) so had to have an emergency spay. This was successful and there will be no further treatment required for this.
A few months after taking her on, her owner got a new job meaning that Delilah would be left for over 11 hours a day so she was handed into rescue.

Delilah's nature is wonderful.
Her manners with other dogs are lovely, although she is extremely playful. She would suit living with another young neutered male who could keep up with her. Ideally this dog should be larger to suit her size as she likes a good rough and tumble.
She does get on absolutely fine with smaller dogs. She has no aggression with anything as it goes...cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, foxes. Everything is her good friend but she is just so clumsy that I will be looking for a home without cats (she has lived with them in the past, but spent most of the time being scratched in the face because she was keen to be friends!)
Delilah has no aggression with people, but once again her bouncy nature means that she cannot be homed with young children. More robust kids would be good for her, so I would say 10+ as long as they are dog savvy and energetic as she would want lots of playtime - throwing toys and a lot of interaction. A home with teenagers would be good, or an adult household with someone who is interested in walking/running would suit her perfectly.

Delilah's recall is great and she meets other dogs well, although sometimes a little exhuberantly. She needs distractions to try and curb this which can be either treats or noisy toys.

Delilah adores water and swimming, but does not like being muddy, so once home she goes straight to the bath, hops in and waits to be washed down. She loves this bit almost as much as her walks.

Delilah is clean in the house and not destructive, but is a typical puppy and will jump up to se if there maybe a morsel of food on the side. This is training in progress whilst here in rescue, but will need to be carried on in her new home.

She will require an enclosed garden to run about and play in and minimum fence height of 5 foot enclosed.

She has been spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped and her flea and worming treatment bought up to date.

A homecheck will be required and a minimum adoption fee of 150 applies.

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