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cefni gsd rescue
10th April 2016, 04:25 PM
Poppy a beautiful approx 18month old Bitch, short haired black and Tan,

Neutered, inoculated and microchipped, now ready to be rehomed.

We have now assessed the beautiful but very shy Poppy - this girl is amazing, but like with most dogs which have been picked up as a stray there are a couple of issues. but these are very different to the usual issues people assume rescue dogs come with.

Unfortunately with Poppy she is a very different girl OFF lead,she is happy, full of life, bouncing about like the puppy that she is, but once her lead (whether collar and lead or a slip lead) goes onto her, she is cowering, down, quiet, very scared, so has certainly been abused either by the lead itself or certainly whilst wearing it. Its such a shame but on a positive its an easy issue to work on, but will take time with plenty of love and reassurance, she needs to learn that every time the lead is showed to her or she is put on a lead its going to be a fun happy and positive time for her. We will advise the new owners on how to work on this, we are currently working on it and are the many dog walks at our kennels are too.

Poppy reacts to some dogs when on the lead, so we would suggest a dog free home initially and keeping up her socialising around dogs, slowly working on the issue she has, she does walk nicely with a male husky at the kennels and we have witnessed her with some smaller dogs which she was fine with, but as we also have witnessed she has reacted to other dogs of similar size and colours, so she is a very picky girl on what kind of dog she will tolerate.

We would suggest a cat free home for Poppy.

As Poppy was a stray we have a strict stray dog policy when it comes to children and that is 9-12yrs onwards or no children at all. We would he happy for 9-12yrs onwards but no younger regardless if the children are used to large dogs or not, Poppy is a powerful girl and will easily knock over younger/smaller children and with the dog issue too if a child was walking her, would NOT be able to hold her back and deal with the issue.

If you would like to help donate towards Poppy's kennelling costs here is a link to her GO FUND ME PAGE:


Whilst poppy is waiting for her forever home her kennelling costs are growing and any help whether just 1 or more would be gratefully appreciated.

To read some more about Poppy here is her direct link on our website:


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Adoption fee and homecheck applies

many thanks