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13th April 2016, 04:19 PM
Name: Poppy

Approx Age/Date of Birth:

Approx. 18months old - (march 2016)Gender:FemaleCoat Colour and Length:Short haired black and tanNeutered:Now neuteredIdentity:Microchipped prior to adoptionInoculated:Fully inoculated due March 2017Basic Commands / Lead Training

Poppy has some very basic commands - this wonderful girl will enjoy being part of a training programme as she enjoys positive reinforcement training, also does well with praise for her good work.

She pulls alittle when seeing other dogs which will need to be worked on when adopted. Poppy is a very different dog when put on a lead, she is cowering and needs to be taught she is not going to be beated by a lead.

Notes on how the dog reacts to dogs:Will have to have a dog free home as Poppy really is not keen nor happy around other dogs - so will need a patient new owner which will work on socialising her slowly. We have witnessed poppy reacts to large dogs, although it does depend on how the dog is with her, she has walked happily with a male husky, but we also see she does make friends with smaller dogs, initially we would suggest a dog free home and keeping up socialising with local walks or groups, and then slowly mixing her with other dogs under supervision.Notes on how the dog reacts to cats:Would suit a cat free home.How the dog reacts to people in general and strangers:Poppy is a very shy girl which will come out of her shell with the right people, she is very hand shy too so this does need to be worked on to gain her trust and confidence. she soon will become the amazing shepherd we know she can be. Poppy is abit of a mixed up girl, she is NOT aggressive towards people but she is very shy and cowers as soon as you put a lead on her or near her, so with this in mind this needs to be worked on and suggest for her to be slowly taught that its a positive move when she has a lead put on her, we are working on this as well as our walkers at the kennels are too, but it is a serious issue she has where she is better off lead but as she is reactive to some dogs she can not be let off lead around other dogs, she is easily distracted with alot of praise you do need to brush up on her commands before going the next stage with recall.How the dog reacts to children / limitations with children:

Our rehoming policy when a dog has been found as a stray is rehoming with children 9-12yrs onwards or preferably with no children.

Grooming experience:Poppy is looking really well cared for with her coat, and its soft, so we are assuming her previous owners did look after her coat and nails.

Current Location of Dog:


In our kennels - South YorkshireMedical History/Current medical issues:

Flea'd Due

Wormer Due

Transporting/Riding in a car:to be updatedAssessors Notes:A bautiful young german shepherd which has loads of potential with the right care and training, she will come out of her shell in a home environment, and learn to trust again, patience and an experienced home is required. Lead work is needed to allow her to see going on the lead is a positive move for her and a positive experience, she has been beated or whipped with a lead on which is such a shame but over time this will change for her with the right new owners.