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4th July 2016, 01:17 PM
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This is Bella who is a 10 month old Labrador x Whippet looking for a home.
Bella was taken out of a home by a dog warden and an emergency appeal went up for a rescue space as they were going to have her put to sleep.
Initially Bella went into kennels as we didn't have immediate room and she did not do well there.
She was very frightened of the kennel staff and for the 10 days that she stayed there and she barely allowed anyone to touch her.
She would not allow anybody to put a lead on her and barked at anybody who entered the kennel with her.
When we went to collect her, she had to carried out in a crate as she was still too terrified to allow physical contact from anyone.
Becuse of this we expected a long and difficult road ahead of her, but as it goes, it was the environment she was frightened of more than anything else, as when she got home and within 24 hours, she became a nutcase!
Although shy when she was first introduced, this changed to sheer happiness at living with other dogs.
Bella is a very exhuberant dog. She is very exciteable and loves to play.
We would like to see Bella go to live with another playful dog.
Bella has lived with children, but from here, she cannot be homed with any kiddie under 14 years old. This is because she is so bouncy that she may knock youngsters over.
Bella is a typical puppy and loves her toys. Any new owner needs to watch this when she is left on her own and that she has enough to do so that habitual chewing doesn't start.
She loves her walks and has an excellent recall. However, care needs to be taken when introducing her to other dogs.
Underneath that nutty exterior and when pushed into a corner, she still has nervous issues and she may bolt if pushed into seeing an approaching dog as a threat. Therefore introductions to new dogs are very important.
Once she has met them she is fine and will happily play but she needs her handler there as back up to show her that all is safe.
Bella cannot live with cats - she has no prey drive but is very bouncy and may hurt them by mistake just by jumping about.
Bella is a very greedy dog. Due to her breeding it is recommended that she is fed on a bowl stand and after her exercise.

Bella has been spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped, plus wormed and flea treated.
A homecheck will be required and a minimum adoption fee of 150 applies.

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Furry Friends Rescue
26th July 2016, 01:21 PM
Rehomed :)