View Full Version : Hi guys I am a newbie!

15th December 2009, 08:23 AM
Nice to be here!!

I have three dogs ( a Lab, A Greyhounnd and a mongrel), a cat, and a horse!

I would love to help in rescue in some way and look forward to chatting with you all :)

15th December 2009, 09:14 AM
Hi Cj and welcome to the board, please add you details to the volunteer section of you can help with transport, fostering, homechecking, fundraising etc

Have fun and remember we need lots of pics of you furbabes!

ABC Cat Rescue
15th December 2009, 10:02 AM
:hello2: CJ

:bigwelcome: to the forum

Good to have you on board and thanks for your offers of help.


15th December 2009, 11:43 AM
Hello CJ and welcome to ALUK. Thanks for the offers of help. :grin:

15th December 2009, 05:21 PM
http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu316/AnimalLifelineUK/Smilies/85184665.gif Cass and a very warm http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu316/AnimalLifelineUK/Smilies/t0gca31b0.gif from me too!

:thanks: for joining and I hope you enjoy the forum! :flowers:

15th December 2009, 08:58 PM
:hello: Cass and :welcome: to the forum this is a very helpful site :flowers:

17th December 2009, 10:28 AM
:bigwelcome: from me too CJ!!

17th December 2009, 12:28 PM
http://i667.photobucket.com/albums/vv35/Marypoppinsaluk/Smiles/flower_hi.gif CJ and a very warm http://i667.photobucket.com/albums/vv35/Marypoppinsaluk/Smiles/welcome5.gif from me too, amd a very big :thanks2: for joining us.

17th December 2009, 12:56 PM
A warm :bigwelcome: from me too :4: :4: :4: