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3rd January 2010, 08:46 PM
Please meet the gorgeous Tia, having to find a new home due to time constraints and a new baby on the way. Tia is 5 years old and althoug has some issues is a friendly happy girl. She can be dog aggressive with some dogs and as such is walked with a muzzle for safety, this the owner feels is due to a past experience and the owner herself tensing up and causing a fear reacion with Tia as she had improved somewhat (although dislikes border collies), she is NOT cat friendly and needs a foster home with no young children due to her hyper bouncy nature bus is very good with teh owners neices who are 9yrs and up. Tia is used to being alone on a daily basis for 6 hours as her owner is at Uni and as long as she has a good walk before and after she copes with this well. When the owner first got Tia around 1 yr ago she had some issues with seperation anxiety and this may be expected when she encounters a change in environment but once confident that her new owners will return she is fine. Tua is currently fed on Chappie wet and dry mix but can have a sensitive tum with some other foods. She is neuterer, vaccs and chipped. Tia is in good health apart from a past injury to her hind hock when she ran into barbed wire and lacerated it quite badly, this was vet treated and has healed well but she can have the occasional limp. Tia needs a place ASAP please and is currently in Glasgow.

Size wise Tia is described as being around the size of a small greyhound, she may have saluki in her mix and has the most amazing eyes that will I am sure win her new owners heart.


3rd January 2010, 09:56 PM
Ahh :crossed: for Tia :please3: :anyone:

GSD Lifeline
4th January 2010, 12:36 AM


http://www.freewebs.com/greyhoundandlur ... enortheast






http://whitelodgekennels.co.uk/ (Leicestershire)


4th January 2010, 12:56 AM
many thanks Chris, I will start contacting them tomorrow. I have also requested we can place her on lurcher link.

5th January 2010, 11:55 AM
Would you like me to put her on http://www.valleysighthounds.com/ new forum. But worth a try.

5th January 2010, 06:56 PM
Please debbie x

10th January 2010, 03:52 PM
Tia had a meet and greet today with a potential new owner from royal heart greyhound rescue.

Sadly the meet today did not go as plannned HOWEVER it did give our rehoming coordinator a chance to gleem some further info pn Tia and also to see for herself what Tia needs.

We have now discovered that Tia was a cruelty case and was hit over the head with an Iron bar in an attempt to kill her, the person responsible has been charged and imprisoned. This has not affected her behaviour towards humans though and she is super friendly with all she meets, Tia has at some point been used for ratting or similar it seems as we have now been advised she has hunted squirrels, rats and pigeons whilst with her current owner, info not disclosed to date. So no small furries or at least facilities to ensure she has NO access to them is required. Our co-ordinator reported Tia to be an absolutely gorgeous girl who in her opinion needs to be homed with a dominant dog who will put her in her place BUT this must be combined with an experienced owner who will not panic as the pecking order is established. She could of course go to a home as an only dog but its felt she would lose out on the required socialisation if she does not have an owner who is lurcher experienced, We have since been informed that the currnt owner at one point had another dog which Tia used to run along the side of biting his neck and ears and at one point broke the skin, now I am sure you will all agree that this sounds like Lurcher roughhousing as opposed to aggression? But this resulted in the other dog being rehomed and is again an issue than new owners would need to be both aware of and able to work with. Trish (our co-ordinator) feels after speneding time observing Tia that it would take very little to trun this girl around but it would require a lurcher knowledgable home to recognise and work with her traits. I have spoken to her owner this afternoon and she has again stressed the urgency to have Tia rehomed, we have agreed that she would not display herself well in kennels though and have asked that she hold Tia untila suitable home or experienced fosterer can be found. Her owner is happy for prospective owners to meet and greet as we have today and if agreeable to take Tia on an overnight/weekend basis to see how it will work on trial before commital. Again in my opinion this would only be suitable with experienced owners and on the agreement of both ALUk after observing the meet and greet and of the backing rescue.

Hopefully this additional info will help in securing Tia the correct forever/foster home. Please pm or email me if you feel you can offer this. Mandy