View Full Version : Leaving Dogs Unnatended

1st June 2009, 08:44 PM
I am having to write this after a nasty experience, and hoping to awareness of this possibly deadly issue.
The story:
A transporter came up to the kennels and left a dog unattended in the car, whilst getting another dog due for transport out of the kennels. The dog was left in the car barely 5 minutes.
On returning to the car it was found the dog had twisted its lead around its neck and choked itself. The dog's eyes were bulging, his tongue blue, he wasnt breathing and there was no heart beat.
The dog was cut free immediatly and was resusutitated in the car park. Through some kind of miracle the dog was successully revived, and was rushed to the vets. An hour later the dog returned a happy chappie, waggy tails as if nothing happened.

I want to make people aware of the dangers of leaving leads on dogs whilst unattended. Because of the training we have at the kennels the dog survived, but if this had been anyone without any first aid knowledge the dog would of died

Please in future think about leaving a dog on lead unattended