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13th February 2010, 05:30 PM
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Name: Rory
Age: 1 yr old
Breed: Lurcher
Can I live with Children: tbc
Can I live with cats: tbc
Can I live with other dogs: yes
Fostered In: Derby
Other Information:

Rory was picked up by Eileen when he was found wandering the streets on New Years eve, An emaciated bag of bones.
He had to serve 7 days in the pound, then he came back to us for us to get him treated for mange and get some weight on him.
His mange is now sorted out and he's started gaining weight so he's moved on to a foster home in Derby.
Well what a gentleman he is. He still has far too many ribs showing, but has started to gain weight and the mange is cured but he now has to grow back the fur. He is a "red" lurcher about a year to 18 months old and has been microchipped and neutered. He has begun his vaccinations. He is so friendly to both humans and dogs, eats in the kitchen, licks treats from your hand, is well on the way to being housetrained and definitely knows what a couch is for.

He has been for a couple of walks with us and had a great time. He is happy to have a roam around wearing his harness (temporary one until we can buy a suitable one) and comes back for a stroke. He has met and socialised with several dogs already and was friendly and tail waggy. After an initial hesitation about jumping in, he is now happy to bundle in the travelling crate with our two in the back of the car.

So, here he is gentleman Rory, the last dog of 2009, ready for his new family in 2010.[attachment=0:2uujrxa9]IMG_7509.jpg[/attachment:2uujrxa9]

14th February 2010, 07:09 PM
Rory has just come back from our walk.

He walks on an extending lead fastened to his harness and trots back for a treat. We let him off-lead in a safe area for a couple of quick charges around, confident that he would stay with our two and chase after Dusty.

He did the grand circle runs that we have come to expect from our lurcher fosters. I have to say that he is fast and isn't that careful about bumping into people and dogs! Every time he was called back he came for his treat (it's good to have two other dogs who come chasing back for a treat whatever name is called, they set such a good example) and let us re-attach the lead, so a good start.

He spent a lot of this morning curled up next to me fast asleep...and is doing the same now, he loves to tuck his nose against your back, snoring and making little sighing noises.

He is happy to eat Autarky and has a fish4dogs treat after breakfast every morning. He wee-d on the carpet a couple of times yesterday, but no poos and today he has had no accidents at all. He is no trouble at all travelling in the back of the car and we are training him to sleep in a crate overnight. He prefers to have company at the moment so we are working on this.

More updates as we get to know the wonderful fellow better.

23rd February 2010, 05:45 PM
Rory went to a friend's house today to say hello to her cat. The cat was in her outside pen so they met through the bars. Rory had a quick nose to nose then just turned away, he wasn't interested at all. The cat batted him on the nose and he just turned away. There is no saying what he would do if the cat had been moving fast or running but he was not aggressive towards puss at all. Bodes well towards him being able to be introduced to cats I think, no guarantee but an indication.

We found out today that he will run after a tennis ball and bring it back for a treat. He and Coady were seeing who could get to the ball the fastest. Coady being a past master at this game knows to start running before the ball starts flying, so tended to get there first but we sent a few Rory's way so he was the winner a few times.

Also his fur is starting to feel a little more silky.

25th February 2010, 10:04 AM
Picks of the gorgeous boy.

4th March 2010, 07:22 PM
Has now been rehomed :4: