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10th July 2010, 10:46 AM

How we can help if you are needing to re home your beloved pet

Since the RSPCA has recently closed their doors to hand-ins from the public it has put a lot of pressure on other rescues, which we've noticed this A LOT on our site.

We also try to help the general public who are trying to rehome their animals through free-ads (such as Gumtree, Preloved, etc.) to find rescue placements and to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands.

Rehoming animals through these sites can be very dangerous. People often see free to a good home advertisements and take advantage of them. They take these once loved pets and can use them for baiting (smaller dogs used as bait or sometimes prizes for dogfights), breeding (where they will breed the animal into the ground, often having them live out their lives with hardly any human contact, in fifthly disgusting conditions and when they are no longer of use for breeding simply dispose of them like a piece of rubbish), just to make some money (ie: get them free and sell them on for profit) or simply go into the totally wrong home for them, where they are sold on from home to home, never really settling anywhere.

In order to stop this happening we ask the rescues to intervene and rehome them so that the new homes can be checked for suitability and if anything goes wrong they come back to rescue. Owners should therefore never have to worry about the their animals getting into the wrong hands living out miserable lives.

Currently our rescues are drowning in animals coming in and very few going out. We need to get the word out there about us and the rescues we help. We also need to make people aware that getting a animal from the freeads or sites like it, is just as dangerous, as people will say anything to get rid of that animal. So the perfect pet could hate kids/cats/other dogs etc. but the old owner won't tell them that.

By going to a rescue (other then a home to home rescue where the animal never gets seen by the rescue) All animals should have been Vet checked, Had at least its first Vaccination,neutered if old enough (if not they should make the new owner sign an agreement to get the pet neutered at the right age and will be followed up by the rescue to make sure this is done).The rescue will make sure that the animal that goes to your home is the right one for your family, by home checking you and will also do follow ups when the animal is adopted to make sure that everything is going fine.
By adopting an animal from a rescue you are also not lining some back street breeders pocket where once lined will churn out another litter, you are giving you money to help save another animals life and what could be more rewarding then that?

Please always consider the older ones. Kittens and puppies and other baby animals are very sweet but they will soon grow to be older too. Young animals need a lot of care, and if you don't train that cute little puppy you will soon have an out of control dog which you can no longer cope with. If you don't teach that cute little kitten to use the litter tray properly you'll soon have a messy cat and so on. Please always think hard what animal would suit your lifestyle first before falling for the cute baby face.

Finally if you are faced with the hard decision of having to re home your beloved pet please feel free to contact us at [email protected] We will try our best to find a suitable rescue placement, but as so many rescues are already drowning in animals this may take some time. We never Judge anyone for rehoming their animal. Our main concern is they go into rescue where they will find the RIGHT home for your beloved pet.

We are a group of volunteers that will do this at no cost to you, so what do you have to lose by asking for our help?

10th July 2010, 02:47 PM
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10th July 2010, 04:34 PM
Yes, but I think this is as always a two sided coin. I am not disgreeing with the fact that some animals that are privately rehomed are used for horrific means, and I am not saying that such use of animals is o.k.

But I also know of people who have adopted an animal from a private rehoming advert, and these new owners have given the animal the most terrific life long home that the animal could possibly have had.

I also know many stories of where some (sorry not good to mention persific names) rescues are only interested in making money. There are stories of persific rescues who say they do not pts, and then people having worked at the rescue will say that they do. Such rescues do not always tell the truth and do place animals in homes that are either wrong for the animal, or the animal is in too much of a disorientated, or disturbed state to be safely rehomed.

Sadly nothing is perfect in this world, and if the rescues are going to have a go at people who privately rehome when they run into trouble (many of these people are very honest) then lets have all that is done in every single rescue accomodation becoming very transparent and truthful.

Let's also have every rescue accepting any offfer of help that is offered from a member of the public, as often members of the public offer to help with fostering, transport etc, and are just quite disrespectfully and rudely turned away as if their offer of help has been trash. I strongly believe that the way out of the rehoming problems we are facing in this country, is to let Joe bloggs public take some of the responsibility by being allowed to do what he can, instead of being treated as an idiot by some rescues and turned away.

Many thanks for letting me have my say as well as others having their say.

Just my point of view, I do respect other people's opinions, and feel that other people's opinions are as valueable as my own.

28th September 2010, 10:45 AM
Currently our rescues are drowning in animals coming in and none going out.

You are so right Kelly-Joy. The last 18mths has seen a significant increase in the number of cats and kittens we've been asked to take in, and a significant decrease in the amount of people offering permanent loving homes. It is soul-destroying when you have to turn people away because you simply don't have the resources to take any more animals in. We have always operated a waiting list and inevitably there will be emergencies that 'jump the queue. I had a lady this morning who was adamant that if she couldn't re-home her 5yr old cat by Friday then it would be PTS. Nice to have plenty of warning, as often happens! :dur: I've given her some contacts and told her to come back to me if she doesn't get any joy but I have no idea where on earth I will put it!

As part of a National set-up we have had more and more rules, regulations and restrictions put on us over the last couple of years, some of which have been very valuable but equally some have been a nightmare to implement and adhere rigidly to whilst still doing the job we are here to do! Some members of the public also forget that we don't get paid for the hours of work we put in every day, the running around the countryside at all hours of the day and night, regular disruption of 'family' time (what is that anyway???) is all done for the love of the animals. I've taken calls at midnight and through the early hours 'just in case' it was a real emergency, but it rarely is (thankfully).

Something we've also found over the last year is a distinct lack of volunteers coming forward. We are currently running our Branch with two key posts vacant as well as several smaller roles and this puts added pressure on the rest of us. I appreciate that in this difficult financial climate people who have spare time want to use it to earn money rather than to feel good about themselves by donating their time to a worthwhile cause......

West Oxfordshire Cats Protection

28th September 2010, 11:08 AM
It is a very sad situation that I fear will only get worse :( We at Animal lifeline uk try our best to help rescues as much as we can but at the end of the day what rescues really need are more people adopting their animals and not lining back street breeders pockets so much :(

8th August 2012, 10:52 AM
Hi Kelly-joy I received your message on pre loved yesterday about re homing my cat Olly. I have tried to email you on both email address you sent and email address on website but just getting message failed with both of them. I was wondering if you could contact me please I have sent my number in a pre loved message for you

8th August 2012, 10:56 AM
Sorry our email system seems to be down at the moment so not getting any notifications I go and have a look on Preloved now:)