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13th July 2010, 02:16 PM
Finn, Jack Russell Terrier DOB, 08.09

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/822085/Finn.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/822085/Finn.jpg)

Homing Requirements: Finn is an alert well-meaning terrier who is looking for a caring, aware home who will love his terrier ways and managed them so he leads a long and happy life. Open as to the type of family, but it must be dog-centred and offer further training.

His Story: Finn was found tied up to a Welsh pound's fence. He was neutered and is now being vax'd and chipped.

Advert: Finn will win through to the Finnish! He is a lively chap with an enthusiastic and applied intelligence, but still quite green to experience. He is a "good with everything" terrier ... but what comes with that label is the need to be occupied and energies focused in constructive learning and social exchange. A very handsome lad who comes without much baggage, but very little in the bank of 'learned skills' too. Finn is housetrained and an easy mixer. Needs exit management e.g. so he doesn't decide to go through an open window or gate. Our terriers need our loving care. Finn is fostered in Reading with 2 resident dogs.

Under one year old and life is a great adventure, but little lad you have just had a near death experience ending up in a council pound so better watch yourself, as you have a lot of living to do now. Do you have time for a terrier; an active lifestyle and a sense of humour and forgiveness with their little ways. Finn is a sweetie and is looking to devote himself to a stable family. Oh what a summer he has ahead of him!

Please visit Finn's thread, in Dogs needing homes in Fostered on our Forum http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.org/s ... .php#35726 (http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.org/sutra35726.php#35726) to find out more about him and follow his progress.

If you are interested in re-homing please complete our homing questionnaire https://rescueremedies.wufoo.com/forms/r7x3s5/ so we can ensure our dogs are matched and will suit your circumstances/lifestyle.

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/822087/Finn3.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/822087/Finn3.jpg)
http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/822088/Finn4.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/822088/Finn4.jpg)

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13th July 2010, 02:23 PM
O Finn is absolutely adorable. I'd still dearly love a dog and would snap him up but having paid out adoption fees before and having to hand the dog back because he flew for my daughter means I just don't have the adoption fee available anymore.

I am sure he will find a home really soon.

13th July 2010, 02:28 PM
O dear. I've just given in to temptation and looked at his thread on your forum. I'm sulking now as would love to give him a forever home.

Rescue Remedies
13th July 2010, 02:44 PM
LOL! Sorry for putting temptation in your path, but it's one of the few perks of the job :doglol:

Rescue Remedies
14th July 2010, 10:04 PM
An update from Finn’s fosterers:

“Few more pictures of our handsome chappie! His character is coming out a bit more now and he is a really cheeky terrier boy with a strong little will combined with a huge need for cuddles from mummy :D

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/823717/phpcNWAX2AM%5B1%5D.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/823717/phpcNWAX2AM%5B1%5D.jpg)
After stable duties - some terrier play!! Also notice a keen herder's tail, he is doing his "north circular" around the terriers :D

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/823720/phpzkgFvRAM%5B1%5D.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/823720/phpzkgFvRAM%5B1%5D.jpg)

More play and herding - someone has got to watch them!

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/823721/phpOdM1z5AM%5B1%5D.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/823721/phpOdM1z5AM%5B1%5D.jpg)

All play and lots of rest. Finn was clearly a dalmatian in his previous life, look at that cutest belly ever!!

Finn still doing great and settling here with us very well. He loves being active and playing with my doggies and then coming home and crashing out. And recuperating just to start it all over again the next day. He is such a super little boy”!

15th July 2010, 07:54 AM
I just keep coming back to look at the thread. I would so like to adopt Finn.....
Do you think he would be ok living as the only dog or would he need a companion to get into trouble with?

15th July 2010, 12:51 PM
I have PM'ed you! :)

15th July 2010, 05:11 PM
Is he ok with children? (4 years old) He is cute though :wub:

Rescue Remedies
15th July 2010, 11:40 PM
Hi there

If you are seriously considering homing him please complete our questionnaire in his ad below. Our rehomer will then be able to see if you are a match and answer any questions you may have. She knows our dogs inside out and I haven't met Finn. I can say that we will home suitable proven dogs to homes with children over the age of 2 years old.

24th July 2010, 10:34 PM
Oh did this work out?

24th July 2010, 10:39 PM
:angel2 fingers x'd

Rescue Remedies
25th July 2010, 06:13 AM
Finn has indeed been rehomed, not sure where, am waiting for details. :supersmile:

25th July 2010, 06:54 AM
Good luck Finn in your new home,where ever that is, im sure we will find out who your lucky new owner is :rock:

26th July 2010, 12:03 PM
Waaaaaa-Whooo for Finn!! :gstar: to everyone who was invoved!!