View Full Version : Urgent foster (or new home) for Tortie girl

Cat Detective
23rd July 2010, 02:11 PM
Contact Details/Details of Rescue Organisation: Feline Network
Does the animal have rescue back up?: YES
(i.e. Is a rescue taking responsibility for rehoming the animal(s) and any issues that may arise once the animal(s) is/are rehomed?) y

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed: DSH CAT
Age(s): 3
Colours: tortie
Neutered: YES
(Please note, we always STRONGLY advise that animals are neutered, whenever possible, before rehoming)
Vaccinated: no
Any known medical issues: NO
Temperament: quiet, very nervous.
Any known behavioural Issues: scared of other three cats in house, urinating inappropriately.
Any other information:Reason for rehoming: the current owner took her on three weeks ago from a relative, she is being terrorised by his cats.

He will transport her

Location: County & Postcode Torquay
Is transport available? CAN BE ARRANGED.

24th July 2010, 12:14 AM
:crossed: for this lil sweetie!!

I really hope that she can find a rescue or foster sooon [or even better!!] a FOREVER home :please2: :anyone:

asia snow
24th July 2010, 04:08 PM
Have offered to take this girl for Debbie just trying to sort out how to get the kittens I have back to Debbie (she now has room to have these back with her) and the cat down to me. Although I have 3 cats (well 2 and Sammy) she will have the house to herself with regards to that and plenty of hiding places from the dog. My only prob is currently I have no car as my clutch has gone but will put thinking cap on :supersmile:

26th July 2010, 12:55 PM
:gstar: Asia Snow and to all involved to!!


asia snow
26th July 2010, 07:21 PM
Debbie has spoken to the owner and he is willing to bring the girl to me and pick the kittens up to take up to Paignton, just going to call now to arrange. Debbie now has another pen and hopefully she will be able to find Tilly and Misty new home/s soon.

I always get really excited when a new pussy is coming to me. :supersmile: :supersmile:

26th July 2010, 07:22 PM
great news :squee: :squee: :squee: