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Thread: Poor little Peanut needs toys

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    Poor little Peanut needs toys

    Can you help with a donation of a toy? My little Peanut kitten has a condition which is contagious to other cats so he is in a room on his own and can't come out to play with the other kittens. I have made it as kitten friendly as possible, building a den for him out of a table and a sheet so we can play at catch the fingers behind it. He has lots of lovely toys but I want to surround him with them so he isn't so bored. Fishing rod toys, balls, crinkle tunnels, anything to keep him occupied. Both he and I would be really grateful to you, and when he goes to his forever home, which he will eventually, even with his poorly eyes, the next occupant(s) of his room will make good use of them too. Peanut sends you a

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    Re: Poor little Peanut needs toys

    aww poor baby, if I can get someone to go to the post office for me , I send him some toys :)
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    Re: Poor little Peanut needs toys


    Just wondering if you still need any toys for Peanut?

    I like buying mine toys to play with, they are cats they should want to play...wrong, crumpled up newspaper and we are away!


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