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Thread: Mum and Kittens rescued from Wrexham

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    Mum and Kittens rescued from Wrexham

    To all the people that have got here from the piece wrote in the local newspapers in Wrexham. These kittens now have rescue back up. If you are interested in adopting mum or one of the 5 kittens please pm me

    Please be a ware that these kittens will not be up for adoption for a least couple of weeks, they will need to be socialised properly and will need to have both their vaccinations,be wormed and flea treated first.

    If you are too late in adopting one of this lovely family please do stay on here and post in the homes offered section here viewforum.php?f=82 if you would like to offer a home to a cat or kitten as we have many other rescues on here drowning in animals needing loving homes too. :)
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    Re: Mum and Kittens rescued from Wrexham

    Do stay around the site as we have lots of things here for you to do including quizes, a chat room and chat area (with lots of friendly people to talk to) we have a craft area which we are hoping to branch out more.

    It's lovely to see you here and hope you stay! :D

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