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Thread: Miaow needs wheels.

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    Miaow needs wheels.

    Hi, as some of you know I have been off the road for some time and have discovered how incredibly hard it is to run a rescue with no transport. Especially as I run it 24 hours a day and often get called out in the night. It is so hard to get anybody at 2 am on a cold winter's night, although not impossible. But as it is a pet transport service obviously they charge.
    I was running a Nissan Micra as they are cheap and economical, but really aren't suitable when you have 6 cat baskets in the car or are doing a car boot sale. They just aren't big enough. So I have come upwith the idea of saving up some dosh in January and ( somehow ) getting it to the garage for it's MOT, insuring it and then getting 6 months tax. The guy who runs the garage I use said it's a good little car with not much wrong with it and it's pretty low mileage for it's year. I'm going to have it valetted and then am going to advertise it for sale for about £700. I may get £600. Then in Feb/March I'm going to try to save another couple of hundred and am going to be looking for a van. I had originally thought of a Honda Acty Van as I used to drive one but think I have decided on a Citroen Berlingo.
    Finally to the point!! Is there anyone not too far from Plymouth who is in the motor trade or who dabbles as a hobby who may be able to help me look for/advise me/on getting a good, reliable van for a reasonable price? I would like it to look nice as some of the vans I've looked at have been used for trade, have over 150,000 miles on the clock and are rusty and dirty. I'll try not to be too unreasonable in my expectations, as I'll only have around £800 to spend on it.
    Then i can finally get back to fundraising, hopefully just in time for the nice weather for boot sales, etc, and can start to put some new posters up around the city.
    We would be so very grateful for any help or advice,
    thanks so much,

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    Re: Miaow needs wheels.

    what year is it terry?
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    Re: Miaow needs wheels.

    thinking now...we have a transit van for the rescue, the other van was not big enough.. will have a look into what John has decided to do with it as it is his personal van and now uses the charity van instead for dog runs, vet runs, fundraising etc.. will let you know...it is clean, as in not rusted out..but not sure engine may need a bit of work..will keep you informed..
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    Re: Miaow needs wheels.

    Hi, thanks so much, we have had so many emergencies over Xmas and New Year and have spent a fortune paying Pets 2 Vets. If you want to email me it's [email protected]. It's kind of you and I'm very grateful,
    take care,

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    Re: Miaow needs wheels.

    My fiance managed to pick up a volvo estate for £250 through autotrader. Great as dog guards fitted, absolutely huge and strong enough to tow a fully laden horse box which is great as meant I could keep my merc as well. Anyway what I am gettng at is for £250 it had a few minor tweaks that needed to be done but cost very little, it is functional, doesnt matter if animals ruin it and if it happened to die you can make your money back on scrapping or breaking it.

    May be worth watching ebay, I have come to the conclusion recently as all the newer cars have died that it is almost better to have a disposable car cheap way of doing it too.

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