Animal Lifeline UK Fostering Explained

ALUK DO NOT pass or fail people when they have been home checked. When someone comes to us interested in fostering we first get them to fill in a template of questions about themselves, any pets they have and their home life etc. We then try to arrange a home check with an experienced home checker to home check the applicant's home. The home checker then sends us a report of the home check. We then ask permission from the person that is home checked if we can pass on their home check report on to any rescues interested in using them as a fosterer for their animals.
Once all that is in place the person is put on a list in the rescue chat section where only rescues can see and then they can ask to see a copy of your home check report at any time, it is then up to the rescue to read the report and decide if they think the person is a suitable fosterer or not NOT ALUK. We have done it this way as we have found different rescues require different things from their fosterer's so just because you fail for one rescue, doesn't mean you will fail for all.
I must also make it clear that although most rescues on here are happy to use our reports to decide on whether to use the person as a fosterer or not , there are some that will require you to have another home check with a volunteer for their rescue, so you may have to have another home check.
I hope that has explained everything better but if you have any other questions do feel free to ask.