Hello My name is Kelly-joy I am part of the Admin team along with Vicky. I am also the bossy one that bosses everyone around to get everything done lol

I have been involved with rescue for many years with different rescues but mostly with the UKRCC which rescued and re homed ragdolls and other Pedigree cats. I am a re homing coordinator, fosterer and help with fund raising, making people more aware of the UKRCC and general day to day running of the rescue.
aside from this I usually get a few kittens to hand rear or an animal or two dumped at my door which I always find the very best of homes for.

I live with my lovely other half Steve and my 2 little boys Tom 6 and Leo 4 who all put up with me and my animals.
I share my home with 6 cats 3 ragdolls one being the lovely Socs you can read his story here http://www.ukrcc.co.uk/socrates.shtml , 1 very naughty Birman and lovely moggies. I also have 4 rescues rabbits and 6 Gerbils.

If anyone of you want to get hold of me for whatever reason my email is
[email protected]

I would just like to say for all your support