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Thread: Animal Lifeline UK Anti-Bullying Policy

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    Exclamation Animal Lifeline UK Anti-Bullying Policy

    We have on here a team of staff and some incredibly dedicated members who really deserve more praise than it is even physically possible to give for all the hard work they put into saving animals.

    There is a heck of a lot that goes on 'behind the scenes' in rescue and I can tell you that there are staff on here who are up some nights until silly o' clock in the morning trying to find suitable fosterers, homes, transporters, assessors, fundraisers, e.t.c. to save the lives of animals.

    What really annoys me though, more than anything, is seeing how hard people like Kelly-Joy work, day in day out, only to get abuse in return. 99% of the time it really is a thankless job and sometimes the only way to get through those 'why do I bother' times is to see the photos of the animals we've helped and to remind ourselves we're not doing this for the people, it's all for the animals.

    Animal Lifeline UK will do everything in it's power to protect the animals, volunteers and rescues it works with and will in no circumstances tolerate bullying, bitching or the sending of abusive messages. We take complaints seriously and will investigate any that are brought to our attention. If you have any worries please contact a member of the admin team so we can all discuss how to deal with the situation. If ANYONE on this site is found contravening our bullying policy they will be removed without warning.

    Of course there are some fantastic rescues and wonderful individuals we work with and there is no doubt whatsoever that we will continue to support them and always do what we can to help.

    But for what seems sometimes like a shrinking minority of fantastic, hardworking individuals, animal rescue is full of bitching, sniping, bullying and just downright horrible individuals who do things you would normally only ever see on a school playground and often not even there. Some of the things rescues deliberately do to each other is just mindboggling. For far too many it's not the welfare of the animals that comes first and it makes you wonder why those people ever even became involved in rescue if that's the case. We see it every day. In fact we have had to put up with it every day ourselves since even before ALUK was launched but we wont tolerate it on our site.

    Please help to make the Animal Lifeline UK forum a friendly and supportive place to be.

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