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Thread: fostering - long term for cats, short term for Guinea Pigs

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    fostering - long term for cats, short term for Guinea Pigs

    I have room for the right cat as a long term foster, but the cat in question would have to fit in with my existing motley crew. Details of my experience is listed below and details of my current feline companions are listed in my intro. I have successfully introduced additional cats to the group in the past and know that they would welcome the right cat, but compatability is essential.

    Username: blackcat.lover
    Real Name: Sharon Stevens
    Contact phone number: 'PM for phone number'
    County: Essex
    Postcode: CM2 8SD

    Have you had a homecheck for fostering before? NO
    If yes, how long ago and for which organisation?
    (Please note, rescues may still need to carry out a further homecheck to enable you to foster.)

    What animals do you have experience with? (Please include breeds if applicable): Cats (mostly DSH), also Guinea Pigs

    Do you have experience with any behavioural issues or problems? very nervous/ timid cats

    Do you have experience with any medical conditions (physical or mental health)? 3 legged cats, cats with disabilities as a result of leg & pelvic injuries, deaf cats, partially sighted cats (but not blind), cats with thyroid conditions, cats with renal failure,

    Animals currently in the home: 7 cats

    Can you separate any foster animals from your own if necessary?: separate bedroom for new cats as they are introduced

    Are you able to travel at all? (If yes, how far)? travelled 70 miles to collect most recent addition to the feline family so would be prepared to travel the same distance again. I'm not a fan of the M25 nor the QE2 bridge or the tunnel for that matter but would deal with if necessary.

    Any other information: My home is quiet, and when I am home the cats have full access to the garden to come and go as they please. My garden is approx 6m x 10m with additional patio area. I have walls front and back and 6ft high fences each side and the garden is completely enclosed as I have fruit mesh covering the entire area. This picture shows the mesh secured at the top of the fence and also shows the assorted perches and running boards around the garden for the cats http://pets.webshots.com/photo/26046911 ... 8072wFWNyv However, because I have no pens etc any new cat would have to be of a suitable temperment to fit in with my existing group of social and very civilized cats, and would need to be a neutered male.

    Regarding Guinea Pigs - I can take these on short term foster and my cats are all used to them and ignore them.

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    Re: fostering - long term for cats, short term for Guinea Pi

    I will point Lauren in your direction - she is always looking for good fosterers with experience - she is here tonight in actual fact!

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    Re: fostering - long term for cats, short term for Guinea Pi

    thank you Sharon i'm not a fan of the QE2 bridge either.
    Sally (part of the Animallifelineuk Team)

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