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    Ok this will probably not get posted but here goes, be very aware that when you donate items to the newcastle staffs animal lifeline shop that not all items make it on to the shop floor, they are either stored upstairs for goodness knows what reason or the staff are going thro them and taking what they want when they want. nothing is paid for. As most people who donate are doing so to help this worthwhile cause, isn't it a bit of a insult to have items not on sale or taken home by those who work there?

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    Hi I have allowed this post on the forum because I think you must have us mixed up with another Animal Lifeline.

    We are Animal Lifeline UK and we do NOT have any shops so I am really sorry but we can not help you with this matter I hope you find the RIGHT Animal Lifeline as I am sure whoever this charity is will want to know about this matter.

    Best wishes The Animal Lifeline UK Team:)
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    Unfortunately this is something that seems to happen a lot in charity shops. It's always worth checking with shop staff to see if the items will genuinely be useful. Sometimes they physically don't have the room to display all the items they have in stock. It's even worth thinking about doing a car boot sale and donating the money to the charity of your choice if you have the time to do that.

    As Kel has said though, Animal Lifeline is actually a totally different organisation from us. We are Animal Lifeline UK. If you have any concerns though I daresay the rescue would appreciate hearing them; sometimes these types of shops are run on behalf of charities rather than the charities themselves so if that's the case I'm sure they'd want to know about it.

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