Could you help Animal Lifeline UK?

Would you like to become a part of the Animal Lifeline UK team?

Would you volunteer to become a moderator or helper of our forum?

Could you help to cross-post animals in rescues to our forum and share onto our Facebook and Twitter pages; to help animal rescues to re-home their animals and free up much needed rescue spaces?

Would you help to go through the classifieds; contacting people wanting to adopt an animal to see if they would adopt from a rescue instead?

Could you help with our Adoption match-up service to match up people looking for a pet to those in rescue?

Could you help to raise much needed funds for Animal Lifeline UK to enable us to help more animals and to raise over £5000 so we can become a registered charity?

Would you help phone and email rescues to try and find rescue places for pound dogs and other animals that we are asked to help?

Would you be willing to help to raise awareness of what we at Animal Lifeline UK do, recruit new volunteers willing to help with things like Home checking, transport, fostering etc.
For example; these volunteers could perhaps design new posters etc that we could have on the site for people to print and put in their local shops, library's , vets etc

Would you like to become a foster coordinator?
These volunteers arrange home checks as well as making sure all foster homes are checked.

Would you like to be a transport coordinator?
These volunteers post up transport requests and arrange transport runs for animals to get to rescue placements or foster homes.

Would you like to help new members to find their way around the forum?

Are you a chatter box? Could you help make sure all posts on the forum are answered and participate in conversations and banter to give more of a community feel to the forum (sadly Animal Lifeline UK staff members do not get the time to do this as we are often very busy sorting very urgent animal cases)

If you think you can help with any of these things please email us at [email protected] or post on our forum.