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Thread: Greetings from France

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    Greetings from France

    Hello, I've just joined. I'm retired and live in France and have a small flock of friendly sheep. I support animal rescue and welfare. I also have a website, where I offer support to anyone upset at the recent passing over of a beloved pet.

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    to our friendly forum
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    Hello and welcome. Where in France do you live? I used to go over to France often before I had my dogs.

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    Thanks for the welcomes! I live in in the département of Mayenne (north-west France). When I retired we moved to France, because it enabled us to get some land with our house, which in the UK we just couldn't afford. So we got some sheep, and have not stopped since! Most sheep are scared of people, but not ours! They love having their heads rubbed and gettings titbits of bread from visitors. Until last year we were letting out a holiday home, and had to ask the holidaymakers not to feed the sheep too much!

    I very much approve of the aims of your site. When I was a young man I used to help my local NAVS branch with vetting homes for rescued animals, so I know a little about what you do. Blessings to you for helping animals!

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